What Makes a Wall Clock Silent?

Having a ticking clock in a bedroom turns peaceful nighttime into something else. Some people do not like to have a wall clock in their bedroom to avoid the headache it will give them during their night because no one would like to experience such bitterness.

You know nothing is a higher priority than a sound rest around evening time. Not just that, a sound-producing wall clock can middle your mind when reading a book or watching a tv show.

Having a clock in a bedroom will increase the features of the bedroom and save you the stress of staring at your phone to know what the time says. Then what to do? Nothing other than getting a silent wall clock.

In this article, we are going to give you tips on how to make your loud ticking clock quieter, outline the best silent wall clocks and only also explain to you what makes a wall clock silent. 

Are Silent Clocks Worth It?

Of course, clocks that don’t give off a sound are the best. It is especially beneficial for places that need total silence, such as homes, offices, garages, etc. It’s primarily essential for people who have difficulty focusing. Most of these clocks have a silent quartz movement that completely removes the ticking sound.

You can never go wrong with a silent clock because, in exchange, you get better sleep and productivity. If you still have those old clocks with you, best get rid of them and search for a silent clock right away.

What Makes a Wall Clock Silent?

Although it is desired to make a clock quieter, several things make a wall clock silent, and there are also several things to make your wall clock more peaceful. 

Like digital and analog clocks, most clocks do not produce any sound because of their gliding mechanism. Clocks tick because of the mechanical development they have inside.

The main reason pendulums tick is because for every swing, the clock’s second-hand move one position forward. With a gliding mechanism, the second hand rotates calmly around the face of the clock rather than ticking around it.

Below are ways you can make your ticking clocks quieter:

  • Covering your clock with a sound-insulating material.
  • Opening up your clock, followed by oiling the gears and inserting foam.
  • Simply purchasing a new, non-ticking clock.

Reasons Analog Clock are Better than Digital Clock

People always see that the digital clock is much better than the analog clock because of its features. But nowadays, the reverse is the case. Analog clock now comes with some additional features like a calendar that digital clock has and even more. 

Energy Saving: 

Analog clocks are energy-saving than some other clocks. It runs with just a single battery, and at times with one battery, it runs over the years with no substitution. Each client needs a clock that will save energy and cost. 

Simple to Calculate Elapsed Time: 

It is not difficult to work out and comprehend slipped-by time successfully and proficiently through the simple clock where the advanced clock isn’t powerful. 

Since we can see every one of the numbers in analog clock together, and that is the reason it’s not difficult to assess slipped by time. 

Simple to Read and Learn: 

The simple clock is not difficult to peruse for a client. Youngsters can likewise see time effectively from an analog wall clock. From kids to more seasoned individuals, anybody can utilize and peruse the hour of the simple clock. 

Yet, we sometimes mistake recognizing between digits “8 and 0” in a mechanical wall clock as the two appear identical. 


The most analog clock that runs with a battery might last 4 to 8 years relying upon the nature of the wall clock and battery quality. The handcrafted clock gets by for a more extended period. 

More Reliable: 

A large portion of the advanced clock neglects to show precise time; you might see the time is running quicker, and at times the time runs more slowly than the specific one. That is one of the serious issues we should confront prior. 

On the off chance that your clock isn’t dependable, you need to check over and over and need to affirm through another wall clock or utilize a cell phone to see the time. 

Then again, the simple clock is more solid than the computerized one. You might ask how? We have examined prior that the simple clock is energy-saving. 

You might understand that most of the clock runs down gradually because their battery gets harmed or force becomes lower. 

Minimal expense: 

A few extravagance divider clock brands of an advanced clock are low to the high cost; however, the simple wall clock is less expensive than the mechanical clock. 

However, it differs as per the brand and nature of the wall clock. You can get the best quality simple clock at a lower cost. 

Shrewd Design: 

Presently, a day’s more significant part of the simple clock is planned for you to use as an enhancement to the divider. The plan is eye-appealing in that it can stand out for any reader. 

Many individuals utilize the mechanical clock due to their looks. However, they don’t realize that a few simple timekeepers are acceptable planned than the digital clock.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Silent Wall Clock

There are several things you need to consider when purchasing a silent wall clock. You must have them in the back of your mind because they matter. 

Most people always go for a wall clock because of the look, but that is even the least of the things you should have in mind when buying a wall clock expect you don’t need the one that will serve you for years.

1. Sound

Some clock uses a gliding clock mechanism which makes it not to make produce any sound at all. The gliding mechanism makes the second hand rotate calmly and smoothly around the surface of the clock rather than ticking. 

Getting a clock with a gliding mechanism would be the best. You can choose from the top best non-ticking wall clock we listed below if you probably concern about which one to buy. 

2. Price

Although the prices vary, because of the materials used. You can get a good clock at $25 and also at $35 and even lower. It all depends on your budget. Like in the case of analog clocks, it offers high-quality products but at a lower rate. So, if you plan to get the silent analog clock, you don’t have to worry about the price.

2. Size

Also, you have to consider your room space, the size of the clock, and the place you want to attach the clock because if the room space is smaller, you need to choose a more miniature clock that will fit the room. If you place a large clock in a small room, it may look strange and unfashionable.

In most rooms, a 10-inch clock is more or less the standard size. However, you may want a large 20inch + clock to use as a centerpiece in your lounge, or you may wish to have a more miniature clock such as an alarm clock for your bedroom.

3. Design

The design of the clock is one of the essential factors for choosing a wall clock. We use a wall clock not just to know the time, but they also serve as decorative features of the room. 

Some people equally judge a person by their interior accessories. So pick a good design that suits you best.

4. Materials

Clocks are produced using plastic, metal, wood, and glass. Typically strong wood clocks will last longer and have a more outstanding build quality than plastic clocks.

Best Silent Wall Clocks 

1. Plummet Large Number Wall Clock

What make a Wall Clock Silent?

You may use several clocks, but the FZY.bstim is the best decorative highest rated wall clock among them because it has been produced with huge numbers that are not difficult to read and understand to its viewers.

It has a joined glass cover that makes its view awesome and can be placed on a table/desk clock with its bracket.

It also has a good quality Quartz Sweep development that guarantees and shows the exact time. The non-ticking features of it make it provide a quiet atmosphere.

The clock’s power is mainly operated by one AA-size battery. The battery is not included in it, but it will serve you for a very long time if you get a good battery.

Also, one thing nice about this clock is that you can place it at any corner of the room with the help of the traceless hook it came with. The watch size is 10 inches (10 x 10 x 2.2 inches), and the weight is 1.3 lb.

2. HITO Non-ticking Wall Clock

The Hito is a fashionable wall clock, and it does everything you need a silent wall clock for.

Additionally, it comes with a thermometer and a hygrometer (these reveal how much water vapor and humidity are in the atmosphere).

It is available in four different clock face colors; black, blue, green, and white. A single AA battery in the clock can serve you for a year without replacement. 

3. DreamSky Decorative Non-Ticking Wall Clock

What Makes a Wall Clock Silent

DreamSky is one of the best silent and well-designed wall clocks you can get. It includes white background and three black hands that show the hour, minute, and second.

It gives a good sleeping and works environment, and however, you can adjust it to fit your home, office, or garage. 

Its classic black frame is so elegant and straightforward that it attracts any viewer’s attention and is also well for decorating a room. All you have to do is to hang it on a good side using the hood.

It uses a single AA battery which is not included with it, and the display size of the clock is ten by ten by 1 inch. Pink and blue are the available colors. It has a one-year replacement guarantee and 30 days return and refund.

4. RELIANCE Decorative Silent Wall Clock

RELIANCE is the best silent wall clock that is different from others in quality and pattern. It can provide you the comfort while reading, sleeping, and working.

The color combination of yellow, blue, and grey with the beach image also makes it more attractive than others. 

You can attach the clock to any place you want. When it comes to numbers, they are understandable by anybody, although it’s written in Arabic.

The clock is not framed; it is light weighted and can be hanged easily through the hook. 

RELIANCE clock needs one AA battery to run, and the high-quality battery will support the clock longer because it is an energy-saving clock.

5. FZY.bstim Non-Ticking Silent Wall Clock

What Makes a Wall Clock Silent

FZY.bstim is the best decorative wall clock because it has been produced with large numbers that are easy to read and understand.

It makes your room noise-free, shows accurate time, and has an attached glass cover that makes its view perfect. You can use it as a table/desk clock with its bracket.

It has a good quality movement that ensures and shows accurate time. 

In particular, the clock has a thermometer and hygrometer that ensures the exact temperature and humidity are determined by the sensor. 

The clock’s power is mainly operated by one AA-size battery, and you can easily install it in place.

6. Cockii Silent Wall Clock 3D Numbers

What Makes a Wall Clock Silent?

The clock is a well-patterned clock designed to meet the users’ demands. It ensures you a noise-free room when you suffer from other wall clocks that make you have a sleepless night. Its elegance is what attracts people.

The clock includes 3D numbers in this modern clock and classic minute and hour hands and second hands to measure every step. 

The frame is ABS plastic, and it’s a crystal glass lens for a better view. 

Most of the clock’s frame gets damaged during the winter because of humidity, but the Cockii clock is waterproof and fog-resistant alongside dust resistant; that’s why it lasts longer.

The diameter of the non-ticking wall clock is 13 inches. Most importantly, it has provided a sizeable white number in the black background to make the view perfect to the readers. 

It is suitable for the classroom, bedroom, bathroom, living room, hotel, kitchen, gym, office, and library.

Some clocks are difficult to install and set up, but this clock has a nail slot in the back and a hanger, so hang the clock to the wall. 


We recommend you go for any of the non-ticking clocks mention above. Hopefully, when placed in your bedroom, you will have the peace of mind you deserve at your bedtime.

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