What is Similar to Green Glue? – Top 5 Green Glue Alternative

Green-Glue does excellent work regarding soundproofing, and it’s one of the best choices for anyone who loves to remain in a spot that is liberated from noise. 

A quiet room is great for a sound rest after having a taxing day in the work environment. However, the vast majority of us live in a loud area. 

The sound from noisy music will, in general, occupy our tranquillity around evening time or toward the beginning of the day. 

In any case, establishing a soundproofing material into your home can soothe you from such horrible noise from noisy neighbors

The mixtures can hinder a section of sound into your home once it is installed correctly. Assuming you want to introduce these materials, be prepared to hack some perfect measure of cash. 

Buying the materials and renovating the house isn’t that modest as you might suspect. However, it merits the worth of your cash. 

Green glue is one of the most inexpensive materials, and it requires less work regarding decoupling your home. 

When looking at the expense of Green Glue materials and other soundproofing materials, it will, in general, be somewhat costly. 

If your spending plan is low or there are a few justifications for why you would prefer not to utilize green glue, then, at that point, it is prudent to think about the other options.

Keep reading to find out!

What is Green Glue? 

When the vast majority say “Green Glue”, they allude to the containers of soft green soundproofing compound applied between layers of drywall. Yet, there are two Green Glue items with two particular purposes. 

Green Glue Soundproofing Compound

It is a viscoelastic polymer (both gooey and versatile in the wake of relieving) that converts sound energy into heat energy. 

When used between two layers of material, the compound confines clamor from communicating between rooms. It has a surface of caulk and a light green tone. 

Green Glue Noiseproofing Sealant 

It is a greyish caulk-like compound intended to seal drywall creases and around electrical installations acoustically. 

Like the Noiseproofing Compound, the sealant stays adaptable after restoring, diminishing sound transmission that would regularly spill through any unlocked holes in the drywall. 

How Does Green Glue Work? 

Green Glue compound works since it goes about as a damping layer between unbending divider materials like drywall. 

It keeps a viscoelastic structure in the wake of relieving, which implies it is both flexible and fluid simultaneously. These proselytes sound energy into heat energy instead of communicating through the hard surfaces of the divider. 

It implies less solid waves going from the room being treated into different rooms. 

Green Glue information recommends that the thicker the divider material and extra materials like fiberglass build the Sound Transmission Class rating. Adding mass to the wall gathering draws out the advantages of Green Glue. The studs can likewise have an effect, with steel studs adding more to the sound hosing capacities of Green Glue. 

Green Glue Installation

One thing good about the Green Glue compound is that it is so simple to install. All you need is a caulk weapon to uniformly scatter huge globules onto the posterior of the subsequent drywall layer. 

There is no extraordinary administering design required; it covers all regions. The compound will smoosh across the surface region when the new gypsum board is joined to the existing drywall.

Remember, the Green Glue compound isn’t an adhesive. You should screw the second layer of drywall into the studs as indicated by your neighborhood construction standards. 

How much Green Glue is enough? 

Spending plan Installation: 1 cylinder for every 4ft x 8ft drywall sheet would be enough. 

Standard Install: 2 cylinders for each sheet for 30% 

Ideal Install: 3 cylinders for each sheet for best low-recurrence execution 

When you work out the measure of the material required for your venture, you may be shocked at the dollar sum needed. It is the reason choices to Green Glue are consistently popular, despite the incredible presentation.

Green Glue Alternatives

1. Mass Loaded Vinyl 

MLV is another good soundproofing material. It is excellent for sound sealing your home, and it is easy to introduce. 

The beneficial thing about this soundproofing material is that it won’t ever think twice about the measurement and space of your room. 

The slenderness makes it fit in any spot impeccably and can be used on the wall, roof, and under the carpet. 

They likewise come in different thicknesses to live up to your desires. The material is exceptionally impervious to oils and weak acids. 

It is powerful when contrasted with other customary soundproofing materials. 

Despite the fluctuating thickness, the material can undoubtedly be twisted and flexed in various shapes, so they can offer a flexible arrangement, particularly to regions that you can’t reach without any problem. 

2. Red Glue Sound Dampening Material

What is Similar to Green Glue?

Red glue is one more brilliant option in contrast to green glue. It is a damping material that is viewed as reasonable for remodel and new tightening. 

The provisions related to this damping material are first class and worth your cash after buying it. The soundproofing compound can disseminate the vibrations created by the soundwaves that move through walls, floors, and roofs. 

The compound becomes successful and effective following seven days to the extent clamor sealing is a worry. 

If you need to encounter the most extreme exhibition of the blend, then, at that point, you will hang tight for thirty days. 

Be that as it may, you will require a high-temperature stick weapon to apply the compound on the necessary tasks. The soundproofing material is excellent for school projects. 

Besides, it is careful never to permit the compound to dry out totally since it will not have the option to play out its capacity as required. Luckily, the expense of this noise sealing compound is very reasonable when contrasted with the green paste combination. 

3. QuietRock Soundproofing Drywall 

What is Similar to Green Glue?

If you need a valid elective that is powerful in soundproofing, then go for QuietRock. The material, for the most part, happens in boards that have various thicknesses. 

The thickness makes the gatherings even to be set on walls. A portion of the standard widths that reach from 1/2 crawls to 1-3/8 inches. 

The most suggested board is QuietRock 500 since it is essential and straightforward to introduce. 

Likewise, you needn’t bother with any of the instruments for its establishment. The beneficial thing about this extraordinary board is that it is thin and effortless to deal with when contrasted with different panels. 

The board has a designed plan; in this way, the exhibition is first-rate and worth the worth of the dollars spent on it. Sadly, the board isn’t great for roofs yet appropriate for dividers. 

If you are hoping to rebuild or build another house, QuietRock 500 is hanging around for you. The establishment is fundamental and direct. You needn’t bother with an expert to assist in fixing them; thus, great for saving a few bucks. 

The soundproof material is helpful even in the wake of fixing the house installation. The odds of hearing superfluous sounds are zero. 

The soundproofing compound is efficient, and it is promptly accessible in different internet-based stores. You can get some today and experience the best outcome over the years to come.

4. Auralex Acoustics STOPGAP Sealant 

What is Similar to Green Glue?

Auralex Sealant is water-based. It is viscoelastic and extraordinary for diminishing sound transmissions around holes in your walls structures.

While the Stopgap compound has an unexpected equation compared to Green Glue Sealant, both are water-based and assist with hosing sound transmission. 

The sealant is suitable for small substantial decreases however doesn’t give the full advantages of Green Glue. 

It is feasible to accomplish an STC of up to 53 utilizing the StopGap sealant by applying two globules of glue on all the border edges, start to finish. 

Since it is a sealant, you might paint on it when it’s dry, actually like the Green Glue sealant. It arrives in an enormous 28oz caulking tube, requiring a vast estimated caulking weapon. 

5. OSI SC175 Acoustical Sound Sealant 

The OSI is less expensive compared to Green Glue. An instance of 12 cylinders is almost a large portion of that of Green Glue sealant, settling on it an incredible financial plan amicable decision. 

This sealant is exceptionally thick contrasted with the others yet keeps up with adaptability after the fix. Ensure you have a solid and quality caulking weapon to push out the material. 

The thickness likewise prompts slight shrinkage, which is useful when putting final details on your venture. 

Be careful with the helpless transportation practices of merchants of this item. On the off chance that you get tubes with bowed or collapsed tips, don’t stop for a second to request a discount for the wrecked cylinders! 

With a twofold dot of SC175 on all border edges of the drywall on the two sides of the divider segment, it is feasible to accomplish an STC of 55, which is directly by Green Glue.

Poor Alternatives of Green Glue


DYNAFLEX 230 has been suggested as it tops breaks and holes off to an inch wide, breaks verification, is adaptable, and clings to most structure materials. Shockingly, it fixes more diligently than acoustic sealants and is less flexible. Furthermore, the more complex plan improves sound vibration move. 

2. Sealant Silicons

Sealant silicons are adequate water and draft plugs as they don’t therapist or break. They likewise keep up with some malleability and adaptability. 

An acoustic sealant is more solid, adaptable, and will not therapist or break throughout the long term, so it’s a superior arrangement. 

Standard silicone caulking will not remain adaptable like flexible acoustic caulk, and it will dry out and break, permitting sound through. 

3. SMT Red Glue

SMT Red Glue is a Poly weaken glue-like compound. It is utilized to stick parts to PCB sheets before patching. The glue is temperature delicate and solidifies as it is warmed. 

Other hotness lenient sealants or silicones also fix hard as they dry out, making them ideal for sound wave movement. 

4. Polyurethane Sealants

Polyurethane is a plastic-like polymer that can be delicate, hard, tacky, rubbery, adaptable, or defensive like a stain. Items that are light polyurethane froth are not utilized in divider development. 

They might be used deliberately inside space to assimilate sound energy. However, they won’t stop sound infiltration in or out of a room. 

Splash foams used to fill divider depressions solidify and increment the sound exchange through the wall. A stain like polyurethane will fix to a stiff, tough completion on wood. The polyurethane plans are not choices for Green Glue. 


Green Glue is the most tried and viable sound hosing compound to date. 

It has experienced many acoustic lab tests consistently and still has the most noteworthy estimates out of the entirety of its rivals.

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