Mass Loaded Vinyl Fence Installation

Living in a noisy area or with a noisy neighbor does not just leave you with less comfort and calmness but may also lead to mental issues. 

Loud noise causes NIHL, which means Noise-Induced Hearing Loss. So, you don’t have to be adamant when it comes to the issues of noise or being exposed to loud noise. 

Generally, people have this misconception that noise can not be curbed in an area. Although, research has shown that about 45% of Americans live in noisy areas. 

But that does not mean there can not lessen their exposure to those noises. There are several soundproofing materials you can use to avoid excessive exposure to noise. 

If you are looking for a better soundproofing material to use on your fence, then mass-loaded vinyl is an effective soundproofing material to use for your fence installation.

What is Mass Loaded Vinyl Made of? 

Mass Loaded Vinyl Fence Installation

Mass-loaded vinyl is a sticky soundproofing material that is used for soundproofing the walls and windows. 

It absorbs and diminishes sounds well, making it great to use at home and in industries. It comes in a thick and thin version. The thicker version works more efficiently than, the thinner ones.

It is made with two active ingredients: PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and a white crystalline solid known as barium sulfate or calcium carbonate. 

The nature of the ingredient makes it very flexible, and also, mass-loaded vinyl is non-toxic compared to lead soundproofing material. 

Does Mass Loaded Vinyl Work on a Fence?

Yes, mass-loaded vinyl is the best option to soundproof a fence. Since mass-loaded vinyl came into existence in the 1960s, it has been proven to be an effective soundproofing material for several soundproofing purposes. It is very flexible and has incredible sound blocking qualities.

I can guarantee you that MLV can work perfectly on a fence and even cover the thinnest holes in the fence, making it impossible for sounds to pass through them. 

It is about 33% of an inch, and that alone makes it ideal for fence installation. Mass Loaded Vinyl is also best to soundproof a fence because of its ability to last long and resist water entrance through the fence.

Mass Loaded Vinyl Fence Installation Step by Step Guide

Below is a step-by-step guide to Mass Loaded Vinyl fence installation. It is advisable to follow the steps outlined adequately for a good result.

1. Take The Measurement Of The Fence You Intend To Soundproof With MLV

First of all, you need to measure the fence. To help you know the right quantity of mass-loaded vinyl, you will need for your fence installation to avoid getting the size that will not cover your initial expectation.

2. Pick the size that suits the size of your fence

The sizes of mass-loaded vinyl vary in the market. So, your measurement will help you know the right mass-loaded vinyl you should get. For instance, 2.00 lb mass-loaded vinyl will cover about 60 square feet or thereabout.  

3. Pick A Method For Your Mass-loaded Vinyl Fence Installation

There are various methods you can employ while installing mass-loaded vinyl on a fence. You can choose to do it typically by nailing and stapling it on the fence. 

This method will require a pneumatic nailer or stapler, a pneumatic gun, and a hammer. Though it may take more time using this method, it is easier to remove them if the need arises. 

The next method is only required spray for the installation. It is easier and simple because you don’t need an instrument to install your MLV in a fence successfully. Just give a 3M spray adhesive, and the job is done. 

Moreover, knowing the method is also necessary because it helps you make provisions even before purchasing your mass-loaded vinyl.

4. Make Necessary Arrangement

You must have gotten the size of MLV you will need and must have known the method to take while attaching the MLV on the fence. So you should proceed with cutting the mass-loaded vinyl. Ensure your cutting is done perfectly to avoid ending up with rough work. You can seek help from an expert if it’s a bit hard for you to cut them.

5. Attaching The Mass Loaded Vinyl 

Finally, you have to fix the mass-loaded vinyl on the fence. Whichever method you are using, you must take the step appropriately to avoid the wrong installation.

For Nailing or Stapling

It is best to use this method if you are uncertain whether you have to leave it permanently on your fence or remove it late. 

Regardless of whether you nail, staple, or screw MLV, it is still simple to eliminate it when the need arises. 

All you have to do is to nail or staple all sides with a suitable nail size. Avoid stretching the material too much so it won’t affect its efficiency. 

For the Adhesive

It is easier to append MLV on a fence using glue. I would suggest you gently shower the glue on the points of your fence and after which you apply the MLV. 

It would be best if you pressed the MLV firmly on the fence so it could relax very well. Whenever you’re finished with a sheet of MLV, rehash a similar cycle with different sheets until you’ve covered the whole fence. 

If you are using other adhesive paste, you’ll need to spread them on the MLV sheet and leave it for a few minutes so it could get a bit shabby. Then, at that point, press the MLV hard against the fence. 

Types of Mass Loaded Vinyl

There are various types of mass-loaded vinyl produced to solve varieties of needs. Most of the types are combined with other good sound insulators like acoustic foam, glass wool, ceramic fiber insulation, and mineral fiber insulation. 

The following are various MLV combinations and where they specialize.

1. Mass Loaded Vinyl with foil: MLV, when merged with fiberglass, helps fight harsh noise from ducks and pipes.

2. Mass Loaded Vinyl with fiberglass: It works great at absorbing and diminishing noises and can be used for garbage chutes, piping, and so on.

3. With acoustical curtain panel: This is done by combining a mass-loaded vinyl and poly fabric. This combination is very durable and can absorb and diminish a very loud sound or noise.

4. Mass Loaded Vinyl with aluminum helps stop unwanted noise from companies and industries because of its strength.

IS Mass Loaded Vinyl Waterproof?

Of course, mass-loaded vinyl is waterproof, which is one of the best reasons to use them for outdoor applications like fence soundproofing. 

Mass Loaded Vinyl is widely used in industries that need a soundproofing material because it works effectively regardless of the temperature change. 

I think MLV is best left for modern acoustical applications, as that is the thing that it was initially intended for. 

Notwithstanding, it gives off an impression of being discovering utilizes in different applications. If you need to lessen clamor levels and you own a home, change the windows. There are currently solid obstructing windows available. 

In any case, assuming that isn’t a choice and you lease a condo, an MLV window ornament would be an elective alternative, and indeed, it would assist block with noising from outside.

Is Mass Loaded Vinyl Worth it?

Mass Loaded Vinyl is a very effective, cheap, and durable soundproofing material. The comfort it provides alone is worth seeking. 

So long it is installed properly, mass-loaded vinyl is good for soundproof cars, houses, fences, other applications. 

At least, you get to enjoy your home, offices, car, and your backyard with natural calmness.

Can You Paint Mass Loaded Vinyl?

Mass Loaded Vinyl originally comes in two different colors, which are black and grey. Many people do not like the two colors of mass-loaded vinyl, so it answers the question, yes, you can paint it. 

It would be best to use latex paints only because it is the best to use as it goes well with mass-loaded vinyl. You can go ahead and pick the color of your choice. 

We recommend you peruse the manual instruction before proceeding with the painting because there are various MLV in the market, and they all may not work the same way when you apply paint on them. You can also contact the producers to give you adequate information about the painting.

Mass Loaded Vinyl Alternatives

Other mass-loaded vinyl alternatives are also very effective, durable, and affordable. If you cannot lay hands on mass-loaded vinyl for whatever it may be, you can also pick any of the ones outlined below to do the work.

1. Green Glue

Mass Loaded Vinyl Fence Installation

Green Glue, however, is a good substitute for mass-loaded vinyl because you can use it between two layers of drywall. It also gives the same effect as mass-loaded vinyl. 

One advantage of green glue to mass-loaded vinyl is that it gives your home great decorative features because of its looks when used. 

2. Noise-reducing Curtains

Noise-diminishing curtains are one of the best soundproofing materials available on the market. Its acoustic drapes are made of sound-absorbing materials, which absorb and diminish any sound that comes to its path. 

It is denser than normal curtains and also comes in different colors, sizes, and shapes. So, it is appliable to any doors and windows.

3. Hat Channel and Sound Clips

Mass Loaded Vinyl Fence Installation

Hat channel and sound clips are highly recommended for those having issues with noise emission through floors. 

They can be directly attached to the floor beams without any problems or difficulties. 

Hat channel and sound clips do a great job at reducing noise vibrations between the rooms, making it a high alternative to mass-loaded vinyl.

Mass Loaded Vinyl Application

When you take about mass-loaded vinyl, it applies in different soundproof places. Many people still do not know where and where they can soundproof with mass-loaded vinyl. 

So, whichever place you want to soundproof with mass-loaded vinyl, it leaves you with good soundproofing results. The following are where you can apply mass-loaded vinyl.

1. Doors and Windows

Of course, you know that doors and windows do a good job at allowing unwanted noise in and out of the house; they are the first place to consider if you are talking about soundproofing. 

You can use mass-loaded vinyl on your doors and windows to stop sounds from making their way into your rooms. 

You can also install blankets or curtains with it if you want an extremely soundproofing capability and capacity. 

However, the mass-loaded vinyl curtains will work well at blocking sound, leaving you with a calm environment, whether at home or in the office, or the audio studio.

2. Vehicles

Though there are other good soundproofing materials like Dynamat, Noico, and many others, you can also use mass-loaded vinyl to soundproof a vehicle. 

It works well for old cars or trucks that start to produce unwanted sounds, and not just that; it also blocks sound and noise from the roadsides.

3. Machinery and Appliances

It of no doubt that we encounter two types of noise. The impact and airborne noise. Home appliances produce airborne noise, which may be unwanted sometimes like; for those that have converted the home to an office, those noises from the home appliances can be a very big distraction to use.

So, the best thing to do is to soundproof the with soundproofing materials like mass-loaded vinyl.


Mass Loaded Vinyl is probably one of the best soundproofing materials you can use to soundproof your fence. 

However, with the help of the guide provided in this article, you can install Mass Loaded vinyl on your fence correctly. 

Mass Loaded vinyl can at least block about 95% of fence noise. I can imagine how calm your surrounding will be with mass-loaded vinyl.

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