Kilmat Vs. Hushmat Review

We can imagine the kind of discomfort sounds a car can give while driving. A vehicle with a powerful engine is excellent, but the noise that escapes to the cabin is what makes it annoying. Also, car cabins are good at picking sounds from the roadside, making it so irritating and on called for.

You are probably the type that likes to listen to music while driving; you will find this a big problem because you will have a lot of sounds interfering with your music.

The solution to this is by introducing a sound damping material to help decrease the amount of noise in your car cabin and give you warm protection while driving.

There are various materials in the market you can use to soundproof your car like Dynamat, Hushmat, Kilmat, etc.

So, in this article, we have provided all the necessary information about Kilmat Vs Hushmat review and other alternatives to help you choose which one is best for you.

Is Soundproofing a car Worth it?

Of course, sound combination in a car should be a significant worry to everybody experiencing it. So, introducing a sound deadener on your car is indeed worth it. It is a good thing to go for what is worth going for.

Most cars produce about 70 to 80 decibels which are very high compared to normal human hearing, and a soundproofing material will reduce those sounds to the level you least expected.

Also, several cars may not need a sound deadener like Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce, Tesla Model S, Lexus GS, and many others because they come in a soundproof manner.

Kilmat Review

Kilmat Vs. Hushmat Review

Kilmat is a sound dampening material made of butyl rubber. It chiefly does a great job in diminishing road-noise, heat, and sounds from the cabins of a car. 

Unlike Hushmat, it provides excellent comfort and sound quality. One of the lovely thing customers love about this brand is that it has already been cut to fit any cabin, doors, and floor. 

Kismat comes in two central thicknesses, which can either be 80 mils or 50 mils. Although there are about three of them, these are the main kilmat you can quickly see.

To ensure you install it correctly, it comes with a self-adhesive and an indicator. The indicator lets you know if you installed it correctly or not.

Key Characteristics

1. Damps road noise and vibration

2. Installation is pretty much easy

3. It serves multiple purposes

4. It offers strong adhesion to metals and oil surfaces

5. It is a water and oil resistant

6. It offers thermal insulation with the help of its protective aluminium coat


  • It doesn’t produce a foul odor
  • It is very effective and affordable
  • It is lightweight and thick
  • Best for external and internal use
  • Long-lasting and robust adhesion


  • It does not come with a roller
  • It is very stiff and so may slow down the installation

Kismat Installation

Kilmat’s effectiveness does not depend on just the quality but also the installation. So, with the help of the indicator, you would know if your building was correct or not. The following steps will help you with your Kilmat installation.

1. Clean the area you want to soundproof in your car: You have to clean and degrease all the places you wish to soundproof. You can start from anywhere your hand can reach; the floor, the roof or the hood, and we recommend you cover all the areas that need to be soundproofed in the car.

2. Peel the kilmat carefully at one end and place it on the correct measurement. Press it to make sure it sticks on the surface of the car.

3. Then, use a roller to remove any bubbles from the layer and smoothen it.

Hushmat Review

Kilmat Vs. Hushmat Review

Hushmat is designed to offer both thermal and sound insulation in the car. Unlike Kilmat, it is made with butyl rubber. It comes with a self-glue which makes it very easy to install, and it is commonly available in sheets.

Customers have also confirmed that it reduces noise combination and heat in a vehicle up to 50% and above 75%, respectively. Which means it is very good at insulating both sound and heat.

Also, Hushamt is one of the leading industries when it comes to materials for Soundproofing a vehicle.

Key Characteristics

1. Diminishes sound and vibration

2. Offers powerful adhesion, including on the oily surface

3. It is very flexible


  • Its flexibility makes it easy to be applied in any location
  • It is straightforward to install and also to remove
  • Long-lasting
  • It insulates heat in a significant way


  • The adhesive is not very sticky, and it might start peeling after sometime
  • The quality depends on the thickness
  • Hushmat is best used on only car and audio applications.

Hushmat Installation

Here is the guide for Hushmat installation

1. Clean the area: You should make sure you clean the area very well to stick better.

2. Measure the places you want to place it: you can lay it over sections by sections but with the backing removed to determine the correct measurement, and if there is a need to trim the edges, you should do so. 

3. Peel off the backing paper: Peel off the backing paper and stick it carefully on the places you want to place it. Ensure the edges are lined before placing them. However, you have an advantage because of its flexibility.

4. Repeat the entire process to cover all the areas you wish to cover.

Other Kilmat Vs Hushmat Review Alternatives


Kilmat Vs. Hushmat Review  

Dynamat is another butyl rubber sound deadening mat. It’s thicker than Hushmat and applicable in a broader range of situations, and we can say it is the best of all the vehicle soundproofing material. 

This mat blocks up to 10 decibels of sound and also insulate heat up to 400 degrees F.

Likewise, the rest comes with self-attached glue. Although, the installation can be a bit complicated because of the thickness of the material.

Dynamat can be used for different soundproofing purposes in the house, which is why it is more versatile.


Noico is an asphalt-based product that also works very well in blocking sound in a vehicle. 

The only disadvantage is that it can not withstand high temperatures because of the nature of the material used. 

If used, you may be restricted from moving around with the car during the hot weather because it produces this unpleasant odor when warm.

In as much as that, the mat is still a good sound deadener for vehicles. When you talk about thickness, it is the thickest of the three, and it also comes with a self-adhesive for easy installation.


With the Kilmat Vs Hushmat review and other alternatives, you now have the chance to pick which one suits your test. 

In general, Dynamat is the best, but we would recommend Noico if you’re on a careful spending plan since it does practically a similar work at a lower value point and if you are sure you will not use it the car during the hot weather days. 

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