Insulation Behind Dishwasher – Top 3 Best Insulation Blanket 2021

The discomfort a noisy dishwasher gives is something nobody would want to experience. It might be strange to anyone who has not experienced it before.

Dishwashers tend to produce sounds when using them. Although it is more to an old dishwasher than a new one, that doesn’t mean the new ones do not make sounds, and it does not mean it will not wash your dishes as expected. 

Whether old or new, insulation behind the dishwasher is the best solution to a noisy dishwasher.

Insulation behind the dishwasher serves different purposes to the dishwasher. 

It also saves you money trying to replace your old noisy dishwasher. You don’t need to spend much money so long as the dishwasher is still serving you well.

In this article, we will be discussing insulation behind dishwashers and their guide, benefits of dishwasher insulation, best dishwasher insulation blanket, and so on. 

What is a Loud Dishwasher?

We can say that noise, especially from home appliances, was not an issue during the early 70s. Still, as time progressed, people began to see those things as a nuisance because human beings now want to improve the quality of life in so many ways.

At some points, the producers now see that their customers are willing to invest in any home gadget that can operate without any noise. 

Noise from dishwashers is calculated in decibels. A dishwasher that produces more than 62dBA is regarded as a loud dishwasher, while below 33dBA is considered a quiet dishwasher. 

Do All Dishwashers Have an Insulation Behind Dishwasher?

The most dishwasher comes with an insulation blanket. The prepackaged insulation is made with fiberglass and patterned to fit that particular dishwasher it came with. 

The insulation may look very small, so don’t in any way try to discard it, thinking it is not necessary. We recommend you take your time to go through the leaflet the dishwasher came with; this is because many people make the mistake of disposing of the insulation, thinking it’s a packaging material.

Insulation Behind Dishwasher

Insulation behind a dishwasher is usually produced using materials like foam, fiberglass, and felt. It comes as a blanket hung around the dishwasher to help lessen the noise it makes when in use. 

However, the modern insulations are now 100% effective than the old ones. They do excellent work blocking sounds, heat, and even vibration in the machine, leaving you with a calm and peaceful environment.

Insulation Behind Dishwasher Guides

Insulation Behind Dishwasher

Insulation behind dishwasher installation is easy because it does not require knowledge of crafting or any specialized step. The following are ways you can successfully install insulation under your dishwasher.

Step 1: Unplug the Dishwasher

Unplugging the dishwasher from the water source and the socket is the first thing to do. It is essential because there is no way you can work on it without disconnecting it from light and the water source. Expect you want to get electrocuted, or you eventually want to flood your kitchen with water. 

Afterward, take a screwdriver to eliminate the screws situated inside the dishwasher door and then remove the front panel.

Step 2: Prepare the Blanket

After you disconnected the dishwasher and removed the front panel, you measured the front panel to make sure you cut the right size to fit in the gaps. 

You can now screw the panel back after you must have placed the insulation in the front panel. 

Step 3: Remove the Dishwasher from the Cabinet

You need to sort out the screw that joins the dishwasher to the ledge. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the spot the dishwasher is being attached to the cupboard.

It might require some assistance due to the effort that will be needed there. So, we recommend you wear a suitable protective hand glove to avoid injuring yourself.

4. Place the Insulation Blanket

If your dishwasher has any, you should discard the old insulation by using a plier to separate the bolts that hold it. Carefulness is required not to spoil the bolts because you will use them for the new ones.

After the, place the insulation over the machine. You can use the manual provided in the insulation blanket as a guide if you get confused about any part.

5. Put Back the Dishwasher into its Place

After adding the insulation blanket, set back the dishwasher in its Place in the cupboard. Make sure you connect the water line appropriately before plugging it in the light.

Benefits of  Dishwasher Insulation

There are several things insulation provides to a dishwasher. The sprinkling of water and spinning the machine make a dishwasher produce noise, but with the help of an insulation blanket, it will help the reduce in a very high way.

The following are what insulation blanket offers to your dishwasher.

1. Sound damping

The cycling of the machine, as we said before, is what makes a dishwasher produce a loud noise. Insulation behind a dishwasher is good at damping sounds; it delivers to the extent that the operator or anybody around the kitchen will not hear any noise.

2. Decrease vibration

Dishwashers, of course, vibrate while operating them; although a modern dishwasher works well at producing less vibration, insulation blankets still reduce vibration very well.

You should make sure you place the insulation on every part of the machine, both the door because the doors sometimes vibrate to an extend that could be annoying.

3. Heat, Steam, and Water Protection

During the functioning of the dishwasher’s parts, it becomes scalding. The hotness is because it uses hot water, and the units are made of metal, and it turns them very hot.

Thus, having insulation behind your dishwasher will help decrease the impact the stream, the water, and the hotness will have on the machine by serving as a great protective layer.

Top 3 Best Insulation Blanket 2021

The following are the best three insulation blankets you can use for your dishwasher and even on other home appliances like a home theater.

1. UniTherm Ceramic Fiber Insulation Blanket Roll 

A UniTherm ceramic fiber insulation cover roll is 24 crawls by 60 creeps by 1 inch in size. It has around 2300 degree protection power, which you can use for your dishwasher and other home gear like a stove, grill, radiator, and numerous others. 

It gives better protection capacity to opposing fire and hotness since it arrives in a twofold layer structure and is exceptionally simple to introduce in any dishwasher. 

The cover has pervasive sound buffering limits since it is delivered utilizing clay mass strands that have gone through the most current going treatment to make them challenging. 

The sweeping’s great thickness and adaptability is another benefit that causes it to reduce any sound the machine will generally deliver. 

2. Ceramics Fiber Insulation

Insulation Behind Dishwasher 

Ceramics fiber is 24 crawls by 12 creeps by 1 inch in size, made by Morgan’s central earthenware fiber organization. 

It has around 2400 degree protection power and is likely viewed as the best brand due to its adequacy and viability. You can also use it on other home gadgets like stoves. 

This brand goes with it with a CM-Ceramics Ergo blade for cutting purposes. 

3. HM and FC Fiber and Insulation Blanket 

Insulation Behind Dishwasher

This sweeping is around 24 creeps by 12 crawls by 1 inch in size with a protection force of 2400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

It is extraordinarily introduced in the market with two cutoff points in its thickness, making it possibly the most adaptable blanket. 

The number 8 unit has a higher thickness appropriate for securing districts with a massive load of tension and strain, and the number 6 is just for securing less troublesome areas like a rack or between two plates. 

The profound degree of temperature rating of this broad makes it ideal for a wide scope of gadgets.


The steps above are straightforward and self-explanatory. At least, with the insulation, you can now enjoy your washing, cooking, and other things without being distracted by the noise that comes from your dishwasher.

To make your insulation more perfect, you can use a soundproofing material like the Mass Loaded Vinyl on the body of the dishwasher.

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