How to Stop Shoes from Making Noise when You Walk

Many self-adoring individuals wouldn’t often think about the snap rattle sound of their high-heels when they walk on hard floors. We realize how hoisting this rapture can turn into. 

How do you stop shoes from making noise when you walk? As others jerk their necks to take looks at you. As spectators pass on their business to appreciate your style – it’s simply stunning. 

It’s friggin fine to have such heels for a relaxed occasion where a spur of moment wears are normal in the full measure. Also, where the dramatization of clicking sounds can be engaged. 

Yet, it just so happens; the loud heels may not be proper all over. Except if you’re holding your abdication letter in hand, you simply don’t click-clatter in an expert space. 

Or in an emergency clinic where patients rest or a recording studio where you can hear even a little accident of the fly. 

In case you’re involved in the issue on the most proficient method to stop shoes from making noise when you walk, you’re perusing this aide; you’ve hit it spot on. We will uncover to you a lot of ways you can use to figure this thing out. 

10 Easy Ways to Make Your Heels Quieter

how to stop shoes from making noise when you walk 

1. Attach High Heel Caps 

As of now, it is normal that sharp, high, and thin heels can yield genuine noises when one is walking on tiled or wood floors and other hard surfaces. Typically, the shoes are fitted with metal parts that should protect you stable and. 

However, the metal parts are the offenders for the clicking sounds. In any case, if that you purchase and connect high heel caps on those sharp heels. Fitting these caps is simple, and you will not invest quite a bit of your energy. 

The high heel caps can even go about as defenders and allies to give further steadiness. The covers come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. Contingent upon what your necessities are, pick awesome available – they are so many. 

We would suggest various them, including these GoGoHeel caps. These caps are awesome for quieting your shoe tip commotions, and you likewise get to profit from their ant-slipping properties. 

The 2 dark sets have been accounted for to be tough and ensure the heel improves its life. Additionally, they fit that nobody would effectively discover the little confidentiality behind you. 

Ensure you change the pair when different wears out. Two sets should keep you sufficiently long. Generally, caps are a convenient solution for assisting you with halting bothering anybody you cruise by, especially in an authority climate. 

2. Use Rubber Soles 

Everybody knows that rubber materials are prepared for engrossing shock and impact. Rubber soles can be incredible with regards to lessening the noise your shoes are delivering. 

Presently the shoe might have calm heels. However, the sole front taps compensate for impressive sound. You can introduce rubber soles or elastic hold cushions on your shoes to chop down the measure of sound produced. 

To have this sole on, look for the administrations of a shoe cobbler. Although they will request a genuinely decent measure of cash, they’ll sort the elastic out on the shoe at any rate. With this sole, your shoe’s footing is additionally improved. 

3. Wear Sound Booties 

An extremely direct way is to wear sound booties. Discussing sound booties, these are material shoes with a flexible opening, and for the most part, you will see them utilized in film and music studios. 

These booties are worn in general shoes, so when you walk, no sounds are delivered. Nonetheless, these may not be awesome to use outside music studios. 

4. Use a Duct Tape 

Duct tape is something typical in many houses. What’s more, it tends to be an opportune intercession in conditions such as this when you want something to help your noisy shoes. 

With duct tape, taking into account that this is only a brief strategy you chose to use, for now, you will want to limit noise. The drawback is that slipping will, in any case, be there. Thus, being careful would be imperative. 

Before you fit the tape, first clean the shoes with water to dispose of any residue and flotsam and jetsam. After the shoes dry, you can cut the tape into a few little pieces. 

Connect these pieces to the lower part of your heel. Orchestrate them in layers because more layers mean better outcomes.

5. Apply Gel Foot Cushions 

The other simple technique on the best way to make loud shoes calm components is gel cushions which offer a hold on the shoe. But, from the inside. 

This technique applies to those of us with huge measured shoes which don’t fit well. 

To fledgling the applauding of the shoes as you walk, you might require something to hold your feet set up. It likewise forestalls the slipping of the foot forward with each step you make. 

The other advantage you can determine by utilizing the gel cushions is that they lessen the effect of the impact points on your feet. That is because of the delicate sensation made by this material inside the shoe. 

You can attempt this Foot Petals Fancy Feet Cushions. They will empower you to wear those hard-effect shoes without feeling frightened. They are invisible and hostile to slip. 

6. Make Your DIY Heel Pads 

You could likewise sharpen your abilities by getting into the whole round of making the heel cushions yourself. It’s a decent method of saving expenses. You can use various materials available in making these cushions. Be reasonable to know what materials to use under which conditions. 

The materials for DIY cushions could incorporate non-slip elastic froth, straightforward elastic guards, hostile to slide felt furniture cushions, plug cushions. 

Elastic is a typical material. Furthermore, the best for its better foothold, non-slip nature, and offers greater security contrasted with different items. 

7. Apply Gaffer Tape on Heels 

We discussed the duct tape. Yet additionally, a fascinating fitment is here for the sake of gaffer tape. If you are thinking about making heels calmer using this tape, it’s less not quite the same as what you saw with the duct tape. 

The gaffer tape is believed to be more compelling at this particular employment. This material is made of texture instead of vinyl, and it’s impervious to warm contrasted with the pipe tape. 

So you will follow a similar cycle when fitting it on the impact point of the shoe. Furthermore, ensure that you layer up to make sufficient thickness for better solid and affect assimilation.

8. Purchase Quieter High-Heel Shoes 

You might not possess energy for one and all: getting click-less high heel defenders or different items. Yet, if you wouldn’t fret spending, go the simple way. Purchase new shoes; however, this time, calm ones regardless of whether they have heels. 

Interestingly, these days, shoemakers or makers are making shoes that meet a wide range of requirements. So regardless of whether you need identical shoes or noisy ones, you will see them available. 

You stay with the simple choice of picking which brand to go for. 

These casual heel shoes are planned to utilize elastic materials. As we have learned, Elastic is generally excellent in killing shocks and effects on the heels and, surprisingly, the toes. 

When you go out on the town to shop for these kinds of shoes, give close consideration to the heels. You ought to be soundproof with rubber. 

9. Rub the Bottom of the Heels with Sandpaper 

It’s conceivable that a rubber sole accompanies your shoes, and still, the quacks are being heard when you walk. Here is a straightforward stunt, take sandpaper and rub the underside of the heel. 

The nature of the surface of the rubber might change, and your shoe quits squeaking. 

10. Change the Way You Walk in Your Shoes 

Here and there, we get fixated on that load of components engaged with adjusting the fundamental parts of our shoes. Curiously the issue could be that how you walk matters. 

It’s not just with regards to casual shoes. 

You can change your conduct part of walking. Stay away from hard surfaces if conceivable and essential. That is to imply that decide to walk on rugs and floor coverings or any delicate materials that will not make the effect and noise. 

Additionally, you ought not to wear loose shoes and bring down the height. Walk-in decently estimated steps. 


If you have perceived these techniques on stopping shoes from making noise when you walk, we don’t believe it’s going too hard for you to get past. Don’t simply throw away the beautiful shoes that cost you many dollars. 

You can use one or a blend of various ways of calming your shoes and find a sense of contentment as you walk anyplace. Every technique referenced in this article can be applied in clear conditions. Read the state of affairs before you settle on which technique. 

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Keep in mind, the clicking and clattering sounds are not exceptionally awful, basically not in all circumstances.

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