How to Soundproof a Closet

A walk-in closet can be something wonderful. As well as being an extraordinary way of getting sorted out your clothes, it tends to be a fabulous little asylum from the rest of the world. 

Yet not if sounds from outside the closet continue to impact in. What you truly need is a space you can go into, close the door and concentrate for a couple of moments of the day. 

Luckily, there are a few reasonable and simple wardrobe soundproofing choices accessible to you. Here are a few thoughts on the best way to soundproof a closet that shouldn’t burn through every last cent.

Benefits of Soundproof a Closet

How to Soundproof a Closet

Soundproofing your closet is very beneficial for every purpose you want to carry out in your closet. Whether music and sound recording, no noise will interfere. 

Of course, you know that any little sound or noise in a music studio can mix up with what you are recording.

For instance, you’ll have the option to record great sound without noise from outside or inside getting stirred up with what you’re recording. Moreover, the sound will be clearer, better, and have close to nothing, assuming any obstruction.

On the other hand, you live in a loud area, and you work from home. You will rest assured that you have a place to get your work done without any disturbance and distraction. 

A soundproofed closet can also turn out to be a place to study or play games like video games, board games, and so on without any noise from outside interfering.

7 Effective Ways to Soundproof a Closet Cheaply 

1. Introduce Studio Foam Bass Traps 

Studio foam bass traps are foam sound diminishers extraordinarily formed to get unwanted low recurrence sounds. They are usually used in recording studios to tidy up sounds. 

The upside of these is that you can drop them anyplace, so no confounded modifying is vital. It comes in varieties of colors to suit your closet. 

2. Seal the Cracks 

If there are any breaks or holes in your closet walls or door, cover them with weatherstripping or acoustic sealant. 

Ensure it is an acoustic sealant, as a standard sealant can psychologist and break, permitting sound through. 

3. Block the Door 

Many undesirable sounds can come directly in through the closet door, regardless of whether you have put foam in an attempt to close the holes and breaks. 

To manage this, you can likewise balance a moving cover before the door, either outwardly or within, to get undesirable sounds from coming in. 

4. Rug the Floor 

Unforgiving noise can bob off hard floors and travel around the closet, making meddling and undesirable recurrence. A covered floor or one with an enormous carpet can get those sounds before they cause issues. 

5. Fill The Shelves 

Closets commonly are brimming with racks. Contingent upon what you anticipate utilizing your closet for you might wish to eliminate the shelving anyway, this isn’t generally an extraordinary thought regarding soundproofing. 

An extremely straightforward way of soundproofing your closet is to fill all the shelves with thick textures. For instance, store your towels, spare duvets, and covers in there. 

If you have enough to cover the walls from the floor to the roof, this will have an immense effect.

6. Attempt A Reflection Filter 

A basic way of diminishing the sound that getaways from a recording studio space are to get a reflection channel. A reflection channel is a bent board that lounges around an amplifier. 

It is intended to ingest sound that would, in some way, ricochet once again into the receiver and misshape the sound quality. 

While rigorously talking, this isn’t soundproofing. It will assist with diminishing reverberation and will hose sound before it hits the closet walls, which will decrease the apparent measure of sound that leaves your closet. 

Reflection channels are great for little bound spaces, so if you have an especially little closet that you wish to use as a recording studio, then this could be a decent choice. 

7. Weatherstripping 

Weatherstripping is one of the most widely recognized soundproofing materials. A solitary weatherstrip tape (50 inches long) will cost you under $15. Our suggested tape is the Yotache foam tape that is accessible in various shapes and sizes. 

You will use foam tape to seal every one of the holes between the door and the edge. The following is a bit-by-bit guide on how you can introduce weather tape froth. 

  • Clean the door and edge from dust and other soil that might cause the tape not to stick 
  • Strip to uncover the glue side of the weatherstrip 
  • Stick the tape structure on all sides where the door meets the edge. 

At the point when you close the door, you should feel some opposition and notice a more tight seal-this seal will keep airborne noise from spilling in or out of your closet. 

Note: Do not seal your closet door if your closet comes up short on an appropriate ventilation framework.

Acoustic Foam Panels Will Absorb Echo and not Soundproof Your Closet 

Different sites will encourage you to introduce acoustic foam for soundproofing. While this foam contributes some way or another in soundproofing, it is planned uniquely for retaining echoes. 

That is the reason you will see them introduced in recording studios and films. They will not hinder or assimilate sounds going through the walls—they just assistance in preventing sound from bobbing off the walls, consequently working on the sound quality. 

If you anticipate utilizing your closet for recording purposes or making it a film room, then, at that point, the acoustic foam should be introduced. You will see a critical improvement in the room acoustics and your recording, also. 


There’s no explanation that you can completely soundproof your closet with one end to the other soundproofing establishment. Notwithstanding, if you are not prepared for a significant remodel yet, the above ideas might get the job done. 

To discover which of the thoughts will turn out best for your closet, call Soundproof Aid. We can present thoughts or give a free acoustic examination or your closet. 

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