How to Prevent Home Door from Slamming

If you’re the type that has a door inside your home that constantly gets slammed shut, then this is the perfect article for you. This article will discuss preventing the home door from slamming, either from your children or the wind.

How to prevent the home door from slamming? There are numerous ways of preventing the home door from slamming shut. However, perhaps the most ideal way is by introducing anti-slam door equipment like an Automatic Door Closer. 

There are various alternative ways of staying away from door slammings in your home or office, and that is the thing that we will investigate beneath. 

Whether it’s for door slamming shut or door being cleared by the breeze against the wall, we have you covered. 

Easy Ways to Prevent Home Door from Slamming 

There are several cheap ways to help prevent the home door from slamming shut. Door slams from breeze are more to doors leading outside like storm doors. The following are easy ways to prevent the home door from slamming. 

1. Check the Door Hinges

How to Prevent Home Door from Slamming 

The main thing we would suggest you do before purchasing anything extravagant is to assess the door hinges. 

Worn or inappropriately mounted door hinges can achieve a minor awkwardness, which thus can begin a way to slam on its own. 

Open the door to the point of 90-degrees and afterward set a leveling device to ensure the door isn’t out of equilibrium. Straightening out the hinges screws might address the issue; however, if the actual hinge is worn, you’ll need to change it. 

The Most Effective Method to Replace the Door Hinges 

You may believe that you wanted to eliminate the whole door to eliminate the hinges. However, here’s a tip; eliminate and supplant the hinges in turn, and you will not have to eliminate the door. 

The simpler cycle for supplanting the door hinges is, in the first place, the top hinge; by unfastening it from that door and the door frame. 

Next, after screwing the new hinge onto the door jamb, make a point to check the arrangement utilizing a level and change the hinge until it is vertical. 

After the hinge is appropriately introduced onto the door jamb, do likewise to the door by fixing the hinge until it’s plumb. 

Do a similar job with the extra two hinges as the top hinge. Verify the arrangement when supplanting different pivots. The door slamming should stop when everything is done accurately. 

2. Automatic Door Closer 

How to Prevent Home Door from Slamming

One of the most famous things that individuals introduce on their door driving outside is an Automatic Door Closer. 

It would be best to get one produced using aluminum or steel since they watch out for longer than its plastic partner (more than 500,000 employments). 

There is a change for speed and tension for the programmed door closer. If the breeze gets to the door, the higher strain setting in the door closer will guarantee that the door doesn’t slam shut. 

3. Felt Pads For Slamming Doors 

There is a little home cab on a YouTube video of an educator attempting to find ways of having the study hall door closer quieter. 

The home hack utilizes little self-glue felt cushions to hold the furniture back from scratching the floor. 

Start by staying a felt cushion on the top and base along the edge of the door frame. The other spot to stick extra felt cushions is at the top and lower part of the strike plate. 

The little felt cushions ought to give a good pad to keep the door from slamming by dialing back the door while it’s shutting. 

4. Stick a Door Stop to Keep it From Slamming 

The least expensive and most low-tech choice on this rundown is sliding a doorstop under the door to keep it from slamming. 

The door will consistently stay open while the doorstop is in position, But this would be an incredible choice if you have a door that continually slams shut from whirlwinds coming in through an open window. 

You don’t have to introduce a dull plastic doorstop. You would now be capable of purchasing several kinds of doorstops that could coordinate with the decoration in the room. 

5. Weather Stripping 

How to Prevent Home Door from Slamming

Indeed, another weatherstripping choice. If you’ve been perusing a portion of the various articles we composed on this site, you will see the number of interesting ways we use a basic yet powerful weatherstrip. 

If you have an enormous door and felt cushions that didn’t get the job done, a weather strip may be your next most ideal choice. 

A delicate and soft weatherstrip won’t just stop the door from slamming yet additionally assist mute with sounding coming from the next room after you close the door. The one we would suggest is the Frost King Rubber Foam Tape.

The Frost King Rubber Foam Tape probably won’t be known as a weatherstrip, yet a modest choice will work. 

Before applying it, wash away any grime and dirt from within the door jamb. After the edge of the door frame is perfect and dry cut a piece the tape estimating the full length of the door jamb through and through. 

Press it into place along the whole length of the door jamb, and presto, Done!

6. Install a Door Silencer


Another amazing and modest anti-door slam item is a door silencer. You would have presumably seen a door silencer on substantial steel doors inside medical clinics and schools. 

A door silencer is a conned shape little piece of a substantially elastic material formed to a level roundabout sponsorship. 

Instructions to Install a Door Silencer 

A door silencer is a simple DIY project that almost anybody can introduce. This elastic item can be applied to the metal door as well as be applied to wooden doors. 

Start by boring a 1/4″ opening into the doorstop segment of the door jamb. The 1/4″ pit will permit the elastic cone to slip inside without having the option to drop out safely. 

The 1/8″ level area or the door silencer will sit along the doorstop segment of the casing going about as a safeguard. The 1/8″ silencer is adaptable enough to safely close without making as much noise as in the past.

7. Dreambaby Stop Slam 

There is an item accessible called the Dreambaby Stop Slam, and it is an anti-door slam that individuals either love or hate. 

We’ve never utilized this item however have conversed with somebody in a child discussion on Reddit that has, and they said that it manages the issue. 

It doesn’t work for everybody for reasons unknown, except that it could result from inappropriate installation. 

The Dreambaby stop hammer was made so the door wouldn’t bang on a child’s fingers. Yet many individuals keep utilizing it even after growing up. 

One individual on Reddit said they took it off the child’s room door. And connected it to one more door inside the house where the breeze would get it and frequently slam it shut. It brings about the ideal result, they said. 

Numerous little gadgets take after the Dreambaby door slam, so make a point to peruse the reviews and not just zero in on the negatives. 

8. Wittle Finger Pinch Guard 

The Little finger squeeze monitor is likely the least complex and simplest anti-slam door equipment to utilize. This item is normally promoted as a child, or baby squeeze watch yet works extraordinary as a doorstop. 

The little C shape foam gives a delicate pad between the door and the door jamb and goes about as a door draft plug. The squeeze guard will stop the door slamming in the breeze, rolling in from an open window. 

This anti-door slam item is not difficult to introduce by putting the finger squeeze on the highest point of the door somewhere around six creeps from the external edge. You can balance it on the door handle when it isn’t being used. 

9. ALL Metal Magnetic Door Stop 

The all-metal magnetic door stop will keep the door from slamming shut from the breeze while the door is connected to the doorstop using a magnet. 

We read in a Reddit gathering that somebody suggested this item due to how great it functions. Because of the great magnet holding the door back from shutting from a breeze blast. 

You can join it on the wall or the floor; either position will work. 


We are certain that you will have no issue tracking down the right equipment for your door out of these easy rundown ways to prevent home door slamming.

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