How to Open a Soda Can Quietly

Soda cans or beer cans have been instilled into our regular routines since its development in 1959. Whether it’s a warm summer day or breaking a cool one with the young men, the demonstration of opening a can has become practically natural. 

There could be a couple of times when you could want to have a drink late at night. Your missus is sleeping soundly, and the doors are paper slender.

 Additionally, you may not want her to know you are having one more nightcap. You needed to sort out some way to open a soda can quietly! 

Instead of heading out of the apartment to open the can, we have figured out how you can open up a soda can without making a lot of noise. Keep reading to discover more! 

When was the Soda Can Invented? 

The current aluminum can was invented in 1959 by the larger organization Coors. Around then, it was a draw tab can, which implied that you needed to dispose of the tab after opening. 

It was changed by the push tab that you find in cans these days, which was more straightforward open. And there was no compelling reason to track down a receptacle in the wake of doing as such. 

Why Do Soda Cans Make Noise? 

How to Open a Soda Can Quietly

Before we get to opening a can, how about we take a gander at why soda cans make such a loud noise when opening them. 

It may appear glaringly evident, yet there are 2 particular sounds made when you open a can. The first is the sound made by the tab. The second is the hissing sound made by gas being let out of the can. 

As carbonated beverages get canned, there is a ton of tension framed inside them, and this pressure assists in withholding the air pockets back from bubbling out. 

This pressure is higher than the pneumatic stress outside of it, so there is a major contrast in pressure when you open a can. 

The hissing sound you hear is simply the pressure attempting to adjust. The gas from inside is pushing out, making the sound we are so acquainted with for the most part. That is a similar reason a can goes bust when you open it. 

You would likewise see that occasionally the fluid inside rises over, and that is because there is no longer any pressure to hold it back. 

It is likewise why carbonated beverages like beer or Coke become non-gassy or level after a brief time. 

How to Open a Soda Can Quietly?

How to Open a Soda Can Quietly 

To accomplish this, you need to guarantee that the course of adjustment of the gases happens as leisurely as expected. That implies you need to have a controlled way of opening the soda can. 

Other than that, you need to avoid flicking the tab onto the can top cover since that will cause a loud and sharp noise. 

We should investigate the various advances you can use to open a soda can quietly.

1. Use a Sharp Object Like a Knife 

How about we start with an offbeat technique for opening a soda can with a sharp object or knife. 

It can get somewhat tricky, and obviously, you need to take care not to hurt your hands or fingers simultaneously. 

The main concern we need to accomplish here is to penetrate a little opening so the gas inside can begin to getaway. 

In contrast to opening with a tab, the hole here is little, and along these lines, the pace of equalization won’t be as quick, which implies that the hissing sound will be much lesser. 

Using the sharp end of a little knife, drive it into the fold where the tab is. Holding the can firm with your casual, apply tension along the crease until it makes a little opening. 

Like this, the gas will begin getting away, and following two or three minutes, you will be able to use your thumb to push down on the tab to open it. 

Remaining with the knife, you can likewise use it to punch a hole at the lower part of the can all instead. If you prefer this method, you should make one more little opening on the can near the top. 

That will permit gas to escape through the top opening, and the fluid will stream out through the last one. 

2. Chilling it in a Freezer 

The subsequent technique is much simpler, and what you want to do here is place your beer or soda can get into the freezer before opening it. 

Give it about 10 minutes, and the reason for this is that a lower temperature will equalize the pressure better. 

When it is adequately chilly, take a stab at the opening by gradually pulling the tab. When it enters the cover, gas will begin getting away slowly. Now, you need to sit tight for like a moment before using your thumb to push the tab down. 

We would suggest that you use a little piece of fabric to shield your finger and keep yourself from getting a cut. 

3. Using a Towel to Suppress the Sound 

Snatch any towel that is sufficiently huge to fold over the can. You can use a drying towel or even a moving cover and wrap it cozily around your bubbly beverage. 

Since the noise generally comes from the top end of the can, you need to ensure that more fabric covers this region. 

With the material set up, you would now be able to lift the tab with your fingers, similar to how you regularly open a can. 

Ensure that you are doing it gradually as you would rather not have an abrupt ejection of gas which will cause a loud noise. 

4. Push Open with Your Thumb 

The thought behind this method is to use the foundation of your thumb, beefy part, and apply pressure to the opening of the can. 

You will need to have a solid hold with your spur of the moment. And spot the can on a steady surface, preferably a table. 

With everything set up, use your thumb and begin pushing down on the opening. The rest of your fingers ought to be outside of the can cover or preferably not contacting it at all. Since you would rather not incidentally tick off the tab and cause a loud snapping noise. 

As you begin pushing down, you will feel the can opening begin to push down and possibly feel a few gases delivered. Keep applying the tension gradually, or you can change to using your thumb itself. 

If you are using this method, if it’s not too much trouble, be mindful not to cut yourself. If you end up squeezing excessively hard without progress, continue to the different method referenced previously. 

Ways of Opening a Can of Pop without a tab 

How to Open a Soda Can Quietly


The techniques examined above all function admirably to quiet a can. If you notice, they don’t expect you to have a tab to open them, which carries me to a connecting point. How would you open a soda can without a tab? 

Some of us have been in that circumstance where the tab snaps off without making a mark in our soda can. The following are a couple of more methods you can use to open a can without a tab: 

  • Use a margarine knife to push down at the space where you cut the tab. 
  • Utilize a can opener 
  • Use a little dull object like the base of a lighter and spot it on the tab. Rub with medium tension pushing it down. As you rub and apply pressure, the tab will pop down.


Since you realize how to open a soda can without making noise. Keep it a secret from the missus, yet use it as a bar stunt to challenge your friends. An amicable bet to get yourself a free drink! 

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Jokes aside, we trust this post has given you some viable data, and perhaps you can use it when the circumstance emerges! 

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