How to Make Heels Quieter DIY

Many women love heels, and most of them drive joy from the clack-clack sounds it gives while walking down the hallways. Of course, heels are inevitably fashionable and classy, and it makes you look more admirable.

However, heels can be very embarrassing times. You get to draw attention to yourself when you enter a quiet place. 

That alone is pretty annoying, especially for those who work in conservative places like the hospital or arrive at a meeting late. All you could get was people focusing their attention on you.

Although most ladies like it anyway, that could be so embarring. You being here shows how decent you are. As more as you know that the noise from your heels can be a nuisance to people around you, kudos to you!

In this article, we have provided easy ways to make heels quieter DIY, and we guarantee you that combining most of these methods will cut the 100% sound that your heels make.

Why are Heels Noisy?

Before you start wondering how to make heels quieter, you need to know what makes a heel noisy. Many things contribute to the noise in a heel, so below are some of them.

1. Your Walking Style 

How you walk can influence the noise created by your shoes. If you stroll with weighty advances, they will build the effect your heels make on the floor so, if you need to decrease this noise, attempt to bring down your steps when walking. 

2. Oversized High Heels 

Wearing oversized heels will increase the level of noise you make while walking. So, try to get your perfect size whenever you are going on your shoe shopping.

That being said, ensure your feet fit snuggly and comfortably in the shoes. Yet, try not to wear excessively tight heels as they can injure you or cause you pains. 

3. Worn out Heels 

At the point when your heels wear out, they uncover the metallic tip. When the heel tip comes into contact with a hard surface, they make more sound. So, try not to wear destroyed heels. It’s also risky since the metallic tip can slide on smooth surfaces without much of a stretch. 

Let’s now go to the ways on how to make heels quieter DIY

How to Make Heels Quieter DIY

The following are easy ways to make heels quieter.

1. Fix a High Heels Caps on Your Shoes 

How to Make Heels Quieter DIY

Some high heels have sharp tips. Sharp tips are most exceedingly awful in making sounds. At the point when you step on a hard surface, the sound can be irritating. 

In any case, we have an answer for you. You don’t have to stress yourself when you wear your high heels shoes. 

Purchase high heels covers and fix them at the tip. The covers are not difficult to join. They will lessen the sound of the high heel by more than 80%. They will lessen the noise so that nobody can notice it and even you can barely hear any sound from the shoe.

Why the Cap? 

As expressed before, the cap will lessen an undeniable degree of sound coming from your shoes. Likewise, coming up next are the top reasons we think the heels covers are great for a noisy high heel. 

It Covers the shoes’ metal tip: The metal tips make more noise on hard surfaces; what’s more, it’s simple to slip on smooth surfaces when wearing shoes with metal tips. Consequently, the cap will lessen slipping situations when strolling. 

Stable walking: The heel cap will hold you well on the ground when walking. 

Expanding shoe solidness: High heels can destroy rapidly because of the strain applied on the tip. Fixing a cap at the tip expands the shoe layer. 

The cap will be wearing out and not the tip of your shoe. Subsequently, your high heels will endure longer. 

Available in different colors: You don’t need to stress over the color of your high heel. You will consistently discover a cap that can coordinate with the color of your shoe. 

The elastic covers ingest the commotions created by your high heels tips. Notwithstanding, the covers will not wipe out 100% of the sound. 

Yet, you can consolidate this arrangement with different methods. Continue reading to discover another way to make heels quieter.

2. Use Sandpaper On Your Heels 

One of the manners in which producers manage loud shoes is by attaching rubber soles to the heels. Notwithstanding, your high heels might have rubber soles, and you are as yet considering how to make heels quieter. 

You likely have some sandpaper in the carport. All things considered, that ought to get the job done. Rub the sandpaper on the underside of the heel. 

The sandpaper will change the surface of the heel, without a doubt. This will at last assist in lessening the sounds your heels produce while walking.

3. Use Gaffer Tape 

How to Make Heels Quieter DIY

Gaffer tape, nonetheless, is a preferable heel silencer over the duct tape we will talk about below. If you go with this choice, you will follow a similar technique as the duct tape way. 

Gaffer tape works better because it isn’t made of vinyl. All things being equal, it is made of texture, which is better at sound hosing. 

Moreover, it is better at heat obstruction. Ensure to include a few layers when accommodating your loud heels. You will accomplish better outcomes in both sound and effect assimilation.

4. Duct Tape Method 

If you have duct tape wandering around in your house, you can likewise use it to lessen the sound from your heels. To apply this duct tape method, you need to wash your heels first because the garbage can make them inadequate. 

Allow the heels to dry, and afterward, join the duct tape. It can be a few layers to ensure it is adequately thick. Make sure to cut it into little pieces with your heels. 

The disadvantage of the duct tape is that it doesn’t address the slipping, just the noise issue. On top of that, you need to apply a few layers, which isn’t an issue if you need a less expensive way to make your heels quieter. 

5. Utilizing Sound Booties 

If you are searching for the ideal shoe silencer, you ought to think about getting some sound booties. 

These are normally material shoes that highlight a versatile opening. Frequently, they are utilized in music studios and TV sets to wipe out the chance of the mics getting the sound of feet moving. 

Sound booties are very compelling. Furthermore, they are reusable and simple to make, assuming you need to. Nonetheless, this choice is restricting, and relatively few individuals might think that they are functional. 

That is, except if you have no issue walking around the workplace with some material folded around your whole shoes! 

6. Glue Felt Fabric on Your Shoe 

All you have to do is to purchase a solid felt, then cut it well with scissors and fix it on your heel with a good adhesive. 

Cut the felt by the size of your shoe and fix it. On the other hand, apply super glue on your heel, place the felt on it, and allow it to dry. When the felt sticks solidly on the shoe, use scissors to cut the felt that isn’t appended to the heel. 

At the point when your felt wears off, reapply it. Follow this same method. 

The felt texture ingests shock and stifles all the sound coming from your shoe. Rather than utilizing the heel cap, you can give this straightforward method a shot to your shoe, and it will kill the majority of the noise delivered when walking. 

7. Add an Anti-slip Sole On Your Heels 

How to Make Heels Quieter DIY

Elastic soles forestall noise coming from heels while walking. The soles are additionally more secure. You can hard slip even when walking in a very slippery place.

However, you need to know that elastic soles are costly. It’s additionally difficult to track down the elastic soles from just any place. 

Each time you need to change your heel soles, you can find support from a shoemaker. Shoemakers will assist you with getting the sole and fixing it on your shoe. 

The elastic sole should be introduced under your shoe. Thus, it requires insight and skill. It’s nothing you can do about yourself except if you have insight. If you attempt it, you will lose the shoes and the cash spent purchasing the sole. 

8. Use Gel Cushions 

Gel pads will work the same way with sole caps. They ingest all shock and sound created by your high heels. There is a slight contrast between the gel pads and high heel covers. They ingest stun and keep all noise from your shoes when it hits on a hard surface. 

The pads are powerful solid deadeners as well as give security when walking. Wearing shoes with gel pads will give you the specific body act position when walking. 

Why use Gel Cushions 

Lessens incidents and sliding forward while walking on slippery surfaces. 

They stifle all noise and shock from your heels. 

You can utilize one pad gel in different shoes. You can glue and change them starting with one shop then onto the next. 

Elements to Consider When Buying a Quiet Heels 

It would be best if you had in mind that not all heels sold in the market are quiet, and that is why you need to know the factors to consider when buying a quiet heel. 

The following factors will help you when purchasing quiet heels.

Sole: The heel sole assumes a significant part in decreasing the sound delivered when walking. It’s conspicuous at this point; you realize elastic soles are awesome. You will not hear a lot of noise from the heels while walking. 

Comfort: Choose to purchase agreeable heels. The high heels ought to be a limit of 2 inches, assuming you need to walk without challenges. 

In case they are high than that tallness, you will battle your feet. Simultaneously, you will make more noise. Keep away from any heel that makes your walking troublesome.  

Size: Buy heels that fit you well. The heels ought not to be oversize or too tight. The excess space in your heel will enhance the noise from your shoes. Likewise, when you wear too-close shoes, they will harm your feet. In this way, decide to purchase shoes that fit you flawlessly. 

Design: Do you lean toward open or shut heels? Consider purchasing heels that are alright with you. Try not to purchase a plan that will cause you to feel awkward. You need to walk with certainty if you need to make your heels quieter. 

Financial plan: This is the last thing you need to factor in. It’s fundamental. You need to purchase a shoe that is acceptable for you. On the lookout, there are on the whole classifications of shoes. 

Try not to break a bank to purchase a heel that is by all accounts best for you. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you can bear the cost of it, no difference either way. Put it all on the line. Rock your direction consistent with that tasteful look. 


With these easy ways to make heels quieter, you don’t need to stress over the kind of sounds your heels produce when walking. 

Soundproof your shoes and walk like a chief you are. You can combine those methods to get the best result, and one thing lovely about all the methods outlined above is that there are very cheap and easy do-it-yourself (DIY) tips.

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