How to Make Heels Quiet – 8 Easy Ways

Heels are what every lady would want to wear because of their special attraction to them. In another way round, the noise it produces may be very embarrassing to some certain extend. 

It makes you be noticed easily in any place.

It could be not very pleasant for those that work in a place where silence is highly prioritized. Although most women see the noise their heels make very attractive; it’s something you should be less conscienced about.

So, if you have been looking to make your heel quiet, you are probably on the right page.

In this article, we have outlined several ways to make heels quiet. You can combine most of the methods provided to get the best result you want.

Why Do Heels Make Loud Noise?

How to Make Heels Quiet

Before we go to making heels quiet, you need to know why heels make a loud noise. 

The click-clicking sound isn’t necessarily produced because of the height of the heels. The noise may also result from other elements, which we have stated below.

The Way You Walk 

Everything begins with how you walk. The sort of shoes doesn’t make any difference if you’re walking the incorrect way. Walking isn’t unimaginable if you change how you walk. 

Certain individuals make loud noises walking in flats even. How they step their feet is the justification for making a peril any place they go. Walking ought to be delicate and rich. 

It would be best to realize that walking in heels is not the same as walking in flats. Typically, when we walk in our level shoes, we follow lifting and then arrive with our heels first. 

Following this example, wearing heels will include pressure on the heels, bringing about a very loud noise. Walking in heels is very surprising. 

When you wear heels, take a stab at lifting your feet in a similar situation to the ground. Your feet shouldn’t be higher than 1 or 2 inches. Then, at that point, slide your feet along bit by bit leisurely. 

When you figure out how to walk on heels the correct way, you can wear any heels without agonizing over making sounds. 

The Shape of the Heels 

Heels arrive in an assortment of shapes, sizes, and statures. Once in a while, it isn’t easy to pick. 

Assuming noise is an essential worry to you when purchasing heels, it’s a smart thought to keep away from excessively thin heels. The thinner the heels, the louder they’ll be. 

You also ought to keep away from large heels like clogs and wedges, particularly those made of wood. 

The Materials of the Heels 

The primary factor that is straightforwardly answerable for the loud commotions is the materials of your heels. Normally, heels are made of wood, metal, and calfskin. 

In most cases, different materials are added, like rubber, to make greater adaptability inside the heels. 

The reason behind making heels out of hard materials, for example, wood and metal, is balance. Just these materials are sufficiently able to retain the load without losing balance while moving around. 

The Size of the Heels 

One more reason for the clicking sound of your heels is wearing oversized or too tight heels. It’s smarter to purchase heels that are less bit larger or the ones that fit your feet very well. Avoid too tight or oversized heels. 

Notwithstanding, the issue with this is that bigger shoes make more sound because as opposed to lifting your heels, you’ll be dragging them along. Dragging makes squeaking and rattling sounds, and so you should go for heels that fit your feet correctly. 

Destroyed Heels 

Ordinarily, your heels are covered with different materials. Along these lines, your heels might be quiet at first, or they might have a moderate sound. When your heel tips wear out, they’ll make more sound. They’ll require fixing because the metal is presently contacting the ground. 

Considering how to make heels quite right? Read on to discover.

How Do You Make Heels Quiet?

  1. Attach high heels caps
  2. Use rubber soles
  3. Make use of a duct tape
  4. Wear sound booties
  5. Apply Gel Foot Cushions
  6. Apply Gaffer Top on Heels
  7. Make Your DIY Heel Pads 

How to Make Heels Quiet

Attach High Heels Caps

Placing heel caps at the lower part of your heels will diminish the noise when walking. Although it will not stop the sound totally, it will not be as noisy as it could be without a heel cap.

A heel cap is likewise valuable for shielding your heels from damage. Damaged heels might cause you difficulty while walking, so it’s something worth talking about. 

When you attach these caps, your heels will be more adjusted. You will see yourself walking comfortably with steadiness. 

Heel caps are generally undetectable because it comes in various shapes, sizes, and colors. So, everything relies upon the color and shape of your heels.

Use Rubber Soles

How to Make Heels Quiet

Another way you can make your noisy heels quiet is by using a rubber sole. Of course, you should know that rubber materials are prepared for retaining sound effects and shock. Rubber soles can be extraordinary with regards to diminishing the sounds produced by your heels.

However, since the shoe might have calm heels, the sole front tap compensates for extensive noise. Rubber grip pads or rubber soles can be introduced on your shoe to chop down the measure of sound transmitted.

To have this sole on, you can take it to a shoe cobbler or do it yourself. However, it may require an expert or someone with experience to fix it properly and nicely. With a rubber sole, you would be able to make your heels quiet and improve the shoe foothold.

Make Use of a Duct Tape

How to Make Heels Quiet

Using duct tape is also another way to make your heels quiet. Duct tape is very common in most homes, and it can serve you in this situation you need to make your noisy heels quiet.

With duct tape, soundproofing your heels may not be permanent, but if it’s readily available in your home, you can use it to reduce the noise produced by your heels.

The only disadvantage with it is that slipping will, in any case, be there. So, all you have to do is to be mindful. It would be best if you made should you clean your heels very well before attaching them.

That is to avoid any debris and dust, and after the heels must have dried, you should then attach them to the heels. 

You can cut the duct into a few pieces and attach it to the bottom of the heels. It would be nice to arrange them in layers because more layers mean better outcomes.

Wear Sound Booties

An exceptionally direct method to make your heels quiet is to wear sound booties. Discussing sound booties, these are material that is widely used in film and music studios. It is a textile slipper with a rubber opening.

These booties are worn overall shoes, so when you walk, no sounds are delivered. Nonetheless, these might not be awesome to use outside the music studios.

Apply Gel Foot Cushions

Another simple method on how to make loud heels quiet is by using gel cushions. Gel cushions offer a grasp on the shoe from the inside. 

Only a little background can work. This method applies to those of us with huge or oversized heels. 

To whelp the clapping of the heels as you walk with it, you might require something to hold your feet in one place. Gel cushion additionally forestalls the slipping of the foot forward with each progression you make.

The other advantage you can have by using the gel cushion is that they decrease the effect of the heels on your feet. That is because of the delicate sensation made by the material inside the shoe.

Apply Gaffer Top on Heels

We discussed duct tape above. Yet additionally, an intriguing fitment is here known as gaffer tape. If you consider how to make your noisy heels quiet using gaffer tape, it’s the same as what you saw with duct tape.

However, the gaffer tape is believed to be more viable at this particular job. This material is made of texture rather than vinyl, and it is also heat resistant.

So you will follow a similar cycle when fitting it on your heels. But ensure that you layer up to build sufficient thickness for better noise and impact assimilation.

Make Your DIY Heel Pads 

You could likewise sharpen your abilities by getting into the whole round of making the heel cushions yourself. It’s a decent method of saving expenses. 

You can utilize various materials available in making these cushions. Be judicious to know what materials to use under which conditions. 

The materials for DIY cushions could incorporate non-slip elastic froth, straightforward rubber guards, against slide felt furniture cushions, plug cushions. 

Elastic is a typical material. Also, generally speaking, the best for its better foothold, non-slip nature, and offers greater solidness contrasted with different items. 

Purchase Quieter High-Heel Shoes 

You might not possess energy for one and all: getting click-less high heel defenders or different items. 

In any case, if you wouldn’t fret spending, go the simple way; purchase new shoes, yet this time calm ones regardless of whether they have heels. 

Interestingly, these days, shoemakers or producers are making shoes that meet a wide range of requirements. So regardless of whether you need identical shoes or boisterous ones, you will see them available. 

You stay with the simple choice of picking which brand to go for. 


If you have perceived these strategies as the best way to make your heels quiet, we don’t believe it’s going to be hard for you to overcome. Don’t simply throw away the stunning shoes that cost you many dollars. 

You can utilize one or a blend of various ways to make your heels quiet and find a sense of contentment as you walk anyplace. 

You can apply every strategy referenced in this aide in clear conditions. Peruse business as usual before you settle on which strategy. 

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Keep in mind, the clicking and rattling sounds are not extremely terrible, basically not in all circumstances.

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