How to Make an Electric Toothbrush Quiet

Moving up to an electric toothbrush is an undeniable decision for various reasons. Moreso, most of them can be very noisy, so there should be a way of making an electric toothbrush quiet. 

The least demanding way of making an electric toothbrush quiet is to move up to a sonic toothbrush, as this sway a lot quicker and thus, makes less sound. 

A substitute way is to envelop the toothbrush with a washcloth or hand towel to suppress the sound. 

A noisy electric toothbrush can be so annoying that you must look for ways of quieting it, yet you can choose to upgrade it.

This article looks at the ideal ways of making an electric toothbrush quiet, alongside the 5 best quietest electric toothbrushes.

Why is an Electric Toothbrush Noisy and Vibrate Too Much? 

It likely will not astound you, yet electric toothbrush truly isn’t that complex regarding their innovation. You can dismantle yours, and inside the packaging, you will see a cam, a motor, a rechargeable battery, and other things attached. 

The cam, motor, and gears are clearly what vibrate, which is called it’s wavering. Standard electric toothbrushes sway around 26 times each second. A significant part of the noise an electric toothbrush makes will come from the head, the moving part. 

The head is where the movement of the toothbrush’s engine is changed over into the to and fro or turning energy expected to clean teeth. As for the engine and stuff, the parts inside the toothbrush are quite tranquil, contrasted with the head. 

Hence, the head can be the reason and wellspring of a significant part of the noise you’re attempting to drop. 

We’d generally prompt purchasing the right head for your toothbrush, as inaccurate brands will not fit as expected, and this can make them a lot louder than expected. 

Essentially, you ought to change your toothbrush’s head each 3-4 months. That isn’t just for the undeniable cleanliness reasons yet in addition because the parts inside the head will begin to wear out, which will again expand the measure of noise your toothbrush makes. 

It’s additionally worth ensuring your toothbrush consistently has sufficient charge, whether it is rechargeable or not or utilizes dispensable batteries. An electric toothbrush with a low charge will make more sound than one that is completely energized. 

Moreso, if you do have a rechargeable one, don’t continually leave it on charge. Practically all electric toothbrushes utilize a similar lithium-particle innovation as mobile phones, so they will lose the capacity to hold a charge if they are continually connected to a power source. 

Thus, our first tip for how to make your electric toothbrush quiet is to keep it in great condition and consistently with a lot of charges. Treat it very much like some other electrical gadget and take care of it and will enjoy it.

How to Make an Electric Toothbrush Quiet 

Battling for quite a while with a noisy electric toothbrush can be a big problem since you won’t want to wake up early and awaken everybody in the house.

Then again, you may be very tired of the sound of your noisy electric toothbrush. Indeed, fortunately for you, we’ve tracked down the ideal ways of making an electric toothbrush quiet. 

1. Identify the Cause of the Noise 

As referenced above, the electric toothbrush’s head is probably the cause of the noise. Start by viewing your toothbrush, ensuring the head is fitted safely and is in acceptable condition. 

It shouldn’t move by any means in case it’s gotten solidly to the body. 

Once more, ensure you utilize the right heads for your electric toothbrush. If you’re utilizing a significant brand, like Sonicare, you’ll have a lot of choices to browse, yet they ought to consistently be from the right brand. 

Cheap ones won’t ever fit as expected and are made out of much lower-quality materials. Not exclusively will they not perfect your teeth too, but rather they’re significantly more prone to make noise. 

There sensibly shouldn’t be a lot of commotion coming from the body of your rotating brush. In case there will be, there’s very little you can do about it at any rate. 

It quite well may be a sign that your toothbrush is old or possibly broken. Thus our best counsel is to move up to another one. 

Assuming you have an electric toothbrush that utilizes removable batteries. Then that could be a cause of the noise. The toothbrush’s vibrations can make it clatter if it’s not secure enough. 

Open up the battery packaging and ensure the contact focuses are adequately articulated, and afterward ensure the cap is in a bad way on firmly. 

2. Fold Something Over the Electric Toothbrush 

The least costly and quickest means of making your electric toothbrush quiet is to wrap something around it. 

It will have an astonishing effect and will suppress the vibrations very well. You can use this as a momentary fix before tackling the issue with another toothbrush. 

Like all soundproofing solutions, you can use anything, but the denser the material, the more noise you’ll suppress. 

Probably the ideal choices incorporate things like a washcloth or hand towel, a shirt or sweater, or a cover. That will generally rely upon what you need to hand at that point. 

While this is unmistakably a lovely simple thing to do, consider the accompanying focuses when attempting to mute your toothbrush with texture: 

Try not to make any texture packaging extremely durable. Not exclusively will this reason issues attempting to squeeze battery-powered electric toothbrushes into their holders, yet it’ll likewise be an excellent favorable place for microorganisms. 

On a similar note, ensure whatever piece of texture you use is spotless, as it’ll be going close to your mouth. 

Attempt to fold it over the association point between the head and body. That is a significant cause of the noise and is additionally the most noteworthy you can truly get into a piece of fabric, the toothbrush. 

3. Upgrade to Quiet Sonic Toothbrush 

Likely the best method of making your electric toothbrush is to move up to a superior model. 

We realize this probably won’t be a possibility for everybody, except it shouldn’t be hard to legitimize to yourself spending a smidgen more cash on a toothbrush. Your teeth are with you forever. 

While sonic toothbrushes are electric toothbrushes, there’s certainly a distinction available between the two. 

For the most part, electric toothbrushes are models with removable batteries that are normally less expensive and waver at a much lower speed. 

Sonic toothbrushes are a jump forward as far as tooth cleaning innovation. They sway at a lot quicker speeds than typical electric toothbrushes. They sway 260 times each second, which is around 31,000 brush strokes each moment! 

Sonic toothbrushes are by and large a lot calmer than ordinary electric toothbrushes since they vibrate at a lot higher frequencies, multiple times higher indeed. So not exclusively are these better at cleaning your teeth. They’re generally a lot calmer as well. 

Nonetheless, it merits remembering that sonic toothbrushes are likewise substantially more costly than the usual electric toothbrush. 

Which is the Quietest Electric Toothbrush? 

1. Oral-B 7000 SmartSeries 

How to Make an Electric Toothbrush Quiet

Oral-B is one of the prominent names in the tooth brushing industry, and with this toothbrush, it’s not difficult to understand the reason. It has fantastic brushing capacity, and all the more critically, it is truly tranquil. 

Our primary spotlight here is on an electric toothbrush that is quieter than ordinary, and this is a decent spot to begin. 

Significantly, the toothbrush’s body is canvassed in silicone, which both gives better hold and makes a great showing with hosing those vibrations. 

The Oral-B 7000 is in no way, shape, or form a boisterous toothbrush. The head can waver up to 400 times each second, which is truly speedy and implies it’s truly calm. 

Likewise, the Oral-B 7000 has fixed joins to make it watertight, yet this also implies fewer parts vibrating against one another. Fixing holes is a significant hint in soundproofing, and this toothbrush has done exactly that. 

The Oral-B 7000 accompanies a downloadable application that permits you to follow your brushing propensities. 

The waterproof body also works effectively at hosing vibrations, which are insignificant because of its wavering pace. 

The battery-powered battery goes on for a long time, and the toothbrush accompanies six cleaning modes.

2. Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100 

How to Make an Electric Toothbrush Quiet

Another powerhouse in the toothbrush world is Philips and keeping in mind that this model isn’t so great as the Oral-B 7000, it has a significantly more alluring value point. Furthermore, it’s as yet a great toothbrush. 

Sonicare toothbrushes are perhaps the greatest name for sonic toothbrushes, and this one gives you around 31,000 brush strokes a second. 

That is sufficient to radically decrease sound levels when contrasted with an ordinary electric toothbrush. 

Perhaps its best element is the BrushSync innovation, which monitors how long you’ve utilized the current head. As referenced above, an old head can be a major cause of the noise, so this is especially useful. 

One thing the Sonicare 5100 needs is similar meticulousness around the seals. This rotating brush isn’t completely waterproof. 

However, it is sprinkled safe. Notwithstanding, this implies that after some time, it may wear out and vibrate more. 

This Electric Toothbrush charges rapidly and can endure as long as two weeks on a solitary charge. 

It has various settings to assist you with zeroing in on the entirety of your mouth, including quad pacer innovation. 

The sonic vibrations lessen the measure of noise the toothbrush makes. 

3. Pures Sonic Electric Toothbrush

How to Make an Electric Toothbrush Quiet 

This sonic toothbrush from Pures accompanies 5 diverse cleaning modes and sways adequately quickly to clean your teeth appropriately and not make an excess of noise. Also, it accompanies toothbrush sets out planned toward touchy teeth. 

This electric toothbrush vibrates around 40,000 times each moment, putting it immovably in the sonic class. 

It’s an especially tranquil toothbrush. However, this may be because its generally formed head goes ahead and in reverse instead of side-to-side. 

It has a lot of provisions to assist with working on your brushing, including a clock and 5 brushing modes. In contrast to some models, it doesn’t have similar work around the seals and in the head. 

While this toothbrush is on the more pricey side and does a very great job of cleaning, we are uncertain how it’ll hold up over the long haul. We received a lot of good use in return, and it remained truly tranquil. 

It just requires 6 hours to charge and will keep going a long time on a solitary charge. 

A specific plan of the headworks effectively on removing clamor when contrasted with pivoting heads. 

Brushes are very acceptable for cleaning, and the explicitly touchy brushes are useful. 

4. Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6100


This electric toothbrush is the update on the Sonicare referenced above and incorporates a $40 cost increment. While this probably won’t be for everybody, the leap in cost is awesome for the leap in quality. 

The Sonicare 6100 accompanies overall similar fundamental provisions as the 5100, including the sonic innovation. It implies that it’s as yet quite calm, and the form quality guarantees you it’ll remain so for quite a long time to come. 

It accompanies 3 brushing forces alongside 3 brushing modes. The additional force included is truly valuable when joined with its BrushSync matching. 

What distinguishes the sort of brush you’ve fitted (for example, gum wellbeing) and changes its solidarity as needs are. 

This Sonicare vibrates around 31,000 times each moment, which is sufficient to make it quite tranquil. Furthermore, its brushing capacity is far superior to the 5100 and is a noticeable improvement. 

Sonic wavering pace cleans teeth appropriately and keeps everything quite peaceful. 

The 3 brushing powers are truly useful for differing your brushing routine and keeping all spaces of your mouth solid. 

The cost increment may put certain individuals off, yet it’s certainly awesome if you can make the stretch. 

5. Fairywill Sonic Electric Toothbrush


Fairywill has created a genuinely decent sonic toothbrush at a considerably more passage-level cost. 

That is an especially decent brush for those on a more tight spending plan, as it checks all the cases for quality and commotion level. 

The brush head vibrates around 40,000 times each moment, which works hard to keep noise levels down. In any case, we tracked down that the association between the head and body isn’t the most secure, and this might start to vibrate over the long run. 

The genuine nature of the brushing is very acceptable, however, and the brush heads are a great size for arriving at specific spots in your mouth. In addition, the set accompanies 10 heads, which will keep you going for more than 2 years! 

We found this toothbrush was generally speaking pretty peaceful, and its 3 cleaning modes are sufficient to keep your mouth feeling new and great. 

Sonic innovation downplays noise levels. 

Many substitution heads mean you never need to stress over your wearing out and making more commotion. 

Brushing quality is still high considering the section level value point. 

You could do a ton more regrettable than this clean for keeping your teeth clean and your washroom calm. 


In this way, we viewed it as really a couple of ways of making your electric toothbrush quiet. 

The first and most clear spot to begin is recognizing the cause of the noise and checking whether you can fix it. In case not, it’s the ideal opportunity for an upgrade. 

A momentary solution is to fold some fabric over your toothbrush, and this does a shockingly great job. In any case, we’d prescribe you an upgrade to a sonic toothbrush when you can manage the cost of it. 

Not exclusively will a sonic toothbrush be greatly improved for your teeth, yet it’ll be a lot calmer as well. We tried out a couple to discover which were the calmest. 

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