How to Annoy Noisy Upstairs Neighbors

Having a loud neighbor who distresses you from your calm rest because of uproars coming from their flat can be annoying. 

Possibly you have endeavored to rest or need to participate in some amicability and quiet movement like watching a cool film or perusing a book with some coffee, and toward the end, gets the entirety of that screwed up by your noisy upstairs neighbor.

Peradventure, you have been searching for a perfect way to curb the issue of noise coming from your upstairs neighbor. 

Why worry yourself or experience such discomfort when there are great ways to deal with issues regardless of whether you wind up annoying them.

However, people may ask if it would be fitting to cause their noisy neighbors to feel the same inconvenience. 

So, this article will unveil how to annoy noisy upstairs neighbors. 

What are the Necessary Steps to Take before Seeking Revenge to your Noisy Upstairs Neighbor?

Before thinking of retaliating to your upstairs noisy neighbor, you must ponder a substitute plan. 

You can attempt to hinder the clamor by speaking to them about it first because you might end up discovering that they have no clue about how much pain they are causing you. 

The following are some expected answers for play in first as regards your loud neighbor’s issue.


1. In case they are the type that hosts parties each night: Make them know how bad it’s affecting you so they can rearrange the routine like hosting the get-together during the day or towards the end of the week only.

2. In a circumstance they have a yelping dog: You can address them in regards to how much the yapping or barking of their dog affects you. There are many anti-barking devices you can introduce them to, like bark silencer, sonic training device, and so on. At least, with this device, they can curb the effect their dog impact on others.

3. In a circumstance, they are having boisterous sex: For this situation, you must be extremely smart before meeting them to avoid being humiliated because it is a delicate issue. 

It would be best if you took incredible consideration while disclosing or profiling answers for them. 

How to Annoy Noisy Upstairs Neighbors

There are several ways you can exercise your anger toward your noisy upstairs neighbor. If you are not kidding about it, the following are ten different ways to annoy noisy upstairs neighbors.

1. Knocking at their door at an odd hour

How to Annoy Noisy Upstairs Neighbors

One of the ways you can exercise your anger towards your noisy neighbor is by knocking at their door at an odd hour. By this, they will also experience the same inconvenience they caused you. 

There are several ways you can place this method to them. One of them is by playing a ding-dong ditch. The ding-dong ditch will get them on their nerves if you have the power and time to do it. 

Additionally, you can make it more charming by claiming to ask or collect something from them. It would help if you made an effort not to find out you are using it as an approach.

Lastly, you can make it obvious that you came to complain to them about their noisy behaviors. 

They will readjust themselves in one way or another because they know you will come during the time there will be having their rest. But get ready in case their turn it the other way round.

2. Ceiling Vibrator(thumper)

How to Annoy Noisy Upstairs Neighbors

A ceiling vibrator or thumper is a device designed to notify a noisy upstairs neighbor when they discomfort you with their noisy attitude. 

It was invented to help curb the issues of having an upstairs neighbor who, in one way or the other, interrupts you during your quiet or resting time.

It is otherwise called a noise deadening and hushing gadget. When connected to the roof and turned on, it conveys a vibration that your neighbor on the upper floor will feel. 

The vibration can be expanded if your neighbor keeps resolved about the underlying notice signal.

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3. Bounce a ball against your ceiling

Bouncing a ball against your ceiling is also an effective way to annoy them. You will always keep them in their nerves when you bounce a ball against the ceiling at an odd time, like late in the night. 

Since they have taken it upon themselves to discomfort you with their noise, you can equally wake them every morning with it.

4. Use spam calls

How to Annoy Noisy Upstairs Neighbors

Spam calls are a great way to annoy your noisy upstairs neighbor, although it might be a bit dangerous. How does it work? You are using this as a means of disturbance to them too. You call their going line as many things as possible and hang up immediately.

Spam calls could be very annoying as they have no idea who the caller is. 

So, smartness has to be involved in it because they will do whatever they can to stop the call or get to know who the caller is, and normally in the US and some other places, they have the right to sue a spam caller. 

So, before using a spam call, it is advisable to report to the security of your area or the police. To make sure you are on the safe side, and they warn them to lessen their noisiness. 

With this, you stand your ground on your further actions towards them. 

5. Duel of Tunes 

If they are the type that will also play loud music every time. You have to tell your noisy upstairs neighbor first and show them that you can do it better than if nothing is done about it. 

Retaliate in a manner that will shock them. But, you have to speak to your other neighbors if you have other neighbors apart from them. So they will know what you are passing through.

Ensure your sound system is much better than theirs so you can get a perfect result. 

Always play music during odd times and see how your upstairs neighbor reacts to it, or you can use your sound system to interrupt them when they are playing their noise. 


Since you have every one of these smart, intelligent, and productive approaches to seek retribution, consider cautiously about your circumstance and the sort of your neighbor, see what might work best, and act appropriately. 

Remember, in any case, that a portion of these thoughts may do you more damage than anything else, so the smartest thing you can do is call the police. 

You most certainly don’t have any desire to use loud music to bother neighbors if they’re forceful as this could without much of a stretch explosion at you. Assume control over equity and destroy the irritating neighbor with the full power of your noble anger.