Car Speaker Rattle – How to Stop Car Door Rattling From Speakers and Sub

Whether it is a short or long journey, music consistently adds more fun and enthusiasm while driving. But, this moment can be ruined by your car door rattling.

Your speakers and subwoofers are the primary guilty parties of these rattling sounds. And you can deal with these issues without burning through every last cent. 

There are various courses through which you can manage the issues to appreciate still paying attention to your main tunes while driving.

This article will provide everything you need to know on how to stop car door rattling from speakers. 

What are the Causes of the Car Door Rattling? 

Maybe understanding the reasons for the car door rattling from your speakers and subs can assist you in managing the issues. However, to partake in your music with practically no issues, it is fundamental for the climate to have acoustically dead surfaces. 

An acoustically dead surface is a surface that isn’t straightforwardly influenced by the presence of source waves. 

It is without vibration despite the impacts of sound waves. Outstandingly, a surface with free things isn’t acoustically dead; consequently, it will shake when sound is created from speakers and sub. 

When the recurrence coming from the speakers and subs is at a specific volume, it might make the boards of the vehicle body begin vibrating with the sub and speakers. 

The vibration happens when the sound coming from speakers and subs is causing resounding of surfaces just as the vibration of the free things. 

It ought to be noticed that it isn’t just the vehicle door that can rattle; the dashboard, inside edge piece, vehicle bodywork, and main events can’t shake because of the impacts of the sound waves.

How Stop Car Door Rattling from Speakers and Sub

Car Door Rattling

To stop the rattling caused by music emerging from your speakers and subwoofer. Here are four fundamental contemplations/steps that will assist with tackling the issue. 

  • Change of Audio Systems and Settings 
  • Change of the Mounting of the sub and speakers 
  • Establishment of Sound Deadening Mats 
  • Replacing of Blown Speakers and Sub

How Do You Stop Car Door Rattling From Speakers and Sub? 

Already you the reasons for car door rattling from speakers and sub, the following are ideal methods to stop car door rattling from speakers and sub.

Change of Audio Systems and Settings 

Car Door Rattling

In some cases, the answer for car door rattling doesn’t need any tedious exercises as you might have the option to stop the ratting through a change of settings of your sound framework. 

If the sound setting is unequal, the speaker’s and sub’s activity might be influenced, prompting the raffling of the vehicle door. 

When contrasted with speakers of cell phones and PC, encompass sound frameworks and other sound frameworks found inside vehicles can create a stronger sound. In any case, the encompass sound frameworks are additionally touchy; hence, they can be influenced by poor or wrong designs. 

In this way, attempt to lessen the volume and afterward change the blur, bass, and equilibrium settings to check whether the car door rattling can stop. 

Moreover, you ought to comprehend that soil, coarseness, and residue can make the speakers and sub act mischievously and cause car door rattling. In this manner, take as much time as necessary to tidy them up and check whether you can tackle the issue. 

Change of the Mounting 

One more basic technique for preventing car door rattling from speakers and subwoofer is changing the mounts and stands of your speakers and sub. Check-in case there are any free boards and screws and fix them. 

Similarly, check if the mounted speakers are connecting as this can prompt the rattling of the vehicle door; then, at that point, use plastic froth additions to stop the rattling. Whenever done appropriately, change of the mounts can stop as much as half of the car door rattling. 

Likewise, you ought to fix every single free screw and board in the back trunk top, plates, back guard, inside boards, and different pieces of the vehicle to forestall or quit rattling in any of these parts. 

Establishment of Sound Deadening Mats

Car Door Rattling 

Although the techniques referenced above are fit for preventing car door rattling from speakers and sub, they may not deliver the degree of results that you need. 

If you are searching for a viable technique that can assist you with preventing car door rattling from speakers and subwoofer so you can appreciate music inside your vehicle, the establishment of sound-stifling mats ought to be at the first spot on your list. 

Sound-stifling mats are soundproof materials that are explicitly intended for lessening the impacts of sound waves on a surface. 

These mats are accessible in a few on the web and disconnected shops; accordingly, you can get one whenever you need without much of a stretch. 

Perhaps the most well-known and compelling sound stifling mat is Dynamat Xtreme Car Door Kit.

If you might want to introduce a sound stifling mat to prevent car door rattling from speakers and sub, there are sure advances you need to follow. These means won’t just guarantee appropriate establishment of the sound stifling mats, yet they will likewise ensure that you don’t harm your vehicle during the time spent halting car door rattling.

Here are the means to follow when introducing a sound stifling mat: 

1. Eliminate the Door Panel

To introduce a sound stifling mat, you have to take the first step of the expulsion of the door panel. You are encouraged to use plastic devices to avoid scratches on your vehicle when you eliminate the panel.

To eliminate the panel, open the door and pull within the door switch to check whether there are screws beneath it. Use a plastic screwdriver to eliminate the screws. The plastic packaging of the switch ought to be likewise taken out.

Check under the armrest and eliminate all screws that interface it to the door. After eliminating the screws, you should eliminate the armrest just as the wires found around the armrest if your vehicle has electric windows. In any case, if the windows of your vehicle are not electric, the window wrench ought to be painstakingly eliminated.

A few vehicles have messed around the sides of the windowsill or back reflect. So, you should check and eliminate them if they are there. 

With these things done, you should lift the door’s ledge so you can pull the panel away without any problem. 

2. Segregate the Vapor Shield from the vehicle 

After the door panel has been eliminated, you will see the vapor shield, a wipe-like thing. The essential capacity of the vapor shield is to keep water from entering the inside of the vehicle. Tenderly eliminate this shield and keep it someplace safe. 

3. Introduce the Sound Stifling Mat 

When the vapor shield has been taken out, you will see a major mechanical opening inside the window. That is where you will introduce the sound dampening mat. 

The position, however much a strong stifling mat as could be expected inside the opening with the goal that the car door rattling can be halted successfully. 

It is advantageous to comprehend the thickness of your sound stifling mat. In this way, you ought to pick a thick mat that is self-glue and heat resistant. 

4. Check if the Mat is Successful Installed 

After you have effectively introduced the sound stifling mat:

  1. Don’t supplant the parts yet. You should check if the mat has halted car door rattling from speakers and sub.
  2. Play music and perceive how successful the mat is.
  3. If you notice any rattling from the speakers and sub, apply more mats to the mechanical opening. 

5. Fix the parts you eliminated 

Whenever you are happy with the impact of the sound stifling mat, you should fix every one of the parts you eliminated before. You should notice the parts that incorporate the door level and packaging, armrest, vapor shield, and window wrench. 

This load of steps ought to be followed gradually.

Replacing of Blown Speakers and Sub


There are a few situations where car door rattling happens because of blown speakers and subs; in this way, you ought to investigate to check whether the speakers and sub are blown or not. Look at the state of the speakers and sub by playing a delicate melody at a moderate volume. 

Put your ears near the speakers and focus on the sound coming out. If the sound resembles a fluffy or popping commotion, you should try to encourage review. 

Eliminate the speaker from the force source, disconnect it and eliminate the intro page to see its condition. If there are any tear or empty clatter signs in the sound cone, you should supplant the speaker to stop the car door from rattling.


As unmistakably displayed above, you can prevent car door rattling from speakers and sub all alone with next to no experience. In any case, it sets aside time and works to finish this. 

Likewise, you need to follow the itemized strategy depicted above in this post, if you need to encounter any achievement in your work to prevent car door rattling from speakers and sub.

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