12 Best Ways to Soundproof Apartment Door

Sometimes, we may not have the power to pick who will be our neighbor even if we try living in a quiet area. One thing certain is that it’s either you have a loud neighbor or the calm type. 

Unfortunately, you get to live with the noisy type, and probably you wouldn’t want to revenge, soundproofing your house is the ideal solution to that.

Whereas, you have been looking for the best way to soundproof your apartment door as you can no longer bear the loud noise that made its way to your house through them. 

Sorting out ways to soundproof your apartment door is the best decision to make, especially if you have converted your home to your office and need to get things done without distractions from anywhere.

In this article, we will give you the 12 best ways you can soundproof your apartment door.

Reasons Doors are Prone to Leaking Sounds

Doors indeed tend to allow sounds very easily. The gaps, fissures, cracks around the door, and holes on the sides of the door all contribute to it. It may also be that the door is not properly fixed.

12 Best Ways to Soundproof Apartment Door

Doors and windows are good at allowing noise and other unwanted things into the house. The best idea is to soundproof them. 

Also, soundproofing your apartment doors helps you have a neighbor who will always eavesdrop whenever you are having your private conversations. 

Below are 12 effective ways to soundproof your apartment door.  

1. Use a Door Sweep When it’s Locked

12 Best Ways to Soundproof Apartment Door

Door sweeps are usually used to bloke the gaps between the threshold and the floor. Door sweeps are not just great at blocking noise from outside but also help to block dust and insects or rodents like rats from making their way to your apartment. 

A door sweep is about two types, and they are made of sound-diminishing materials that help block the gap between the door and the floor after the door is closed. 

The two types are metal strips and U-shaped door sweep slides. The earlier is screwed or stapled to the door, while the latter is for steel or aluminum doors.

However, installing it may not be that easy compared to weatherstrip, but still, it is not very difficult to install. 

Installing it fully depends on the type you are using. But whichever type you are using, you have to clean the bottom of the door very well before installing. Then screw or nail the door sweep on the bottom or gently attach the sweep if you use the metal strip or a self-adhesive door sweep, respectively.

2. Hang a Heavy Curtain or Drapes on Your Door

You can greatly achieve a more quiet home if you use heavy curtains around your doors and windows using a heavy curtain rod with a curtain or a drape that will extend to the ground. 

The rod should be a metal curtain rod so it could bear the heaviness of the curtain.

Curtains are at blocking every sound and light that enters the house through the door. Although, hanging a soundproofing curtain will be 99.9% better. But in case you can not lay your hands on any, hanging a heavy curtain or drapes will be an ideal solution for you. 

3. Hang Soundproof Curtains

You can not compare acoustic curtains to ordinary curtains, whether heavy or light, because they tend to block sounds greatly and deflect sound waves because of their non-porous and thermal capability, as a result of this providing you with a balanced temperature in your room.

It is very thick, heavy, and tightly packed and can be used for doors and windows. To ensure a perfect installation, place it around the doors and windows.

Soundproof curtains or acoustic curtains come in different varieties, sizes, and colors, likewise ordinary curtains to help customers make the perfect choice for themselves.

4. Use a Soundproof Blanket to Cover Your Door

Soundproof blankets are among the 12 best to soundproof your apartment door. This method is ideal during the night hours, or anytime you want to have a rest. 

They work effectively in blocking sounds from coming to your apartment through the bottom and the top, and you are recommended to use a fiberglass soundproofing blanket.

Because they are the high quality of blocking sounds from entering, you can use them by covering your apartment door with it when you wish to block sounds from entering your apartment, whether at night or during the day.

Double laying it will help increase its thickness and make it effective in sound blocking. 

There are other effective soundproof blankets alternative to fiberglass soundproofing blankets like sure-max soundproofing blanket, uBoxes moving blankets, microfiber door cover with thick batting, and so on.

5. Seal the Gaps and Cracks in the Door

Gaps and cracks are one of the reasons doors are prone to leaking sounds. Sealing those gaps and crack in the door will be nice. Covering them is easy to do, and it does not require you to spend too much money.

Although, it could be a bit demanding to locate those gaps or holes at the door because some might be very small. 

Make sure you don’t leave some of them unsealed, and you should know that no matter how small the gap may be, you still know to seal them; if not, it will ruin all your effort. 

The best time to locate those gaps is at night when the light is off or completely dark.

If there is no sign of light coming from outside, you can put a light outside, or you ask someone to flash a light on the door. You can see the gaps with the help of light passing through them if the door has any gap on it.

Ensure the gaps are sealed correctly without anyone being left out. 

Sealing the gaps and cracks is one of the best sound deadening solutions for soundproofing a door. To achieve this, you can use great stuff, big gap filler, and red devil small gap foam to seal bigger and smaller gaps, respectively.

6. Use Sound-absorbing Foam Panels

Foam panels block sound and reduce the effect of sound waves by increasing air resistance. It slightly works like fiber glasses. 

We will recommend foam panels if you find fiber glasses expensive to get. It also comes in varieties, sizes, and shapes. 

Likewise, fiberglass, its installation requires you to hang them over the door with a nail or command strips. 

It is better to use a command strip so as not to get your door damaged. Though, it depends on the type of door you have.

7. Use a Weather Strip Tape

Weatherstrip tape works well on an apartment likewise garage doors where are commonly used. It keeps sounds, insects, and dust away when used. 

Weatherstrip tapes are made with good sound-absorbing materials like fiberglass, and it comes with its glue. The glue makes it pretty much easier to install them on your apartment door. 

You have to gently fix them on the door and ensure no air space between the tape and the door. 

8. Use a Door Gasket

12 Best Ways to Soundproof Apartment Door

The door gasket blocks both sounds, dust, and light from entering your apartment. The door gasket works exactly like a weather strip tape, but the only difference is that it is more expensive. Probably you have enough cash to spend; you can go for it.

It is best used to seal the side, header, and the jambs of the door. It exacts great effect on those sides by hindering sounds that tend to make their way to your apartment through them.

9. Rugs can Help

A rug is good at adding to the beauty of your room, and it is best to use a thick rug. All you have to do if you are using rugs is to place them on the door pathway, and they will help reduce sounds. 

Aside from blocking sounds, it also reduces echoes. You can place them on the door side and add other methods to enhance and produce better results. 

10. Use mass loaded vinyl (MLV)

12 Best Ways to Soundproof Apartment Door

Mass Loaded Vinyl is a flexible and rubberlike material that is used for different soundproofing purposes. It is one of the best materials to use when you talk about soundproofing. It is very easy to install, and it comes in different sizes, types.

All you need to do is measure the size of your apartment door and any other places you wish to soundproof, then purchase the right quantity and carefully attach them to your door. 

You can double it to get a result you have never expected.

11. Use a Solid Core Door

Use a solid core door to block sounds from entering your apartment, unlike wood and metal doors. Metal doors will be good because of their ability to bounce sounds but may not be commonly used inside. Solid core doors are the best of them all. It comes in different types with different price tags.

However, the only disadvantage with it is that it may give you a lot of problems without being properly fixed. But other than that, it gives you the best result.

12. Place a Fiberboards on the Door

Fiberboards are an effective material you can use for your apartment door. It is best used on both outside and inside. Fiberboards are good to be used with strips around the edges of the door. 


Learning how to soundproof your apartment door is the option you have, especially when you live in a noisy area or with a noisy neighbor. 

Hope with the different the 12 best ways to soundproof apartment door has provided you with the best option for your decision making. 

At least, you will get to stop a busybody neighbor from eavesdropping from your private conversation and, at the same time, make yourself comfortable in your apartment. 

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